More Ketchup & What Inanimate Objects Do You Name?

Just got the (hopefully) last round of edits back on Book 4, so that’s my Friday scheduled. It’s at that stage where I really just want this book to be finished.

Blameless is #1 in Mass Market on the Locus Bestseller list this issue.

I’m participating in Babel Clash this week for Borders. I’m over there talking about Naming Inanimate Objects today.

You can respond to the discussion there, or here. Where I am playing about with a poll.

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Hello Miss Gail, I name my:

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Infusion of Cute:
Cephalopod Christmas Tree
Your Tisane of Smart:
Chalkboard Paint
Your Writerly Tinctures:
New York Times to have an E-book Bestseller List. No matter how you look at that’s going to change things significantly.

SPOILER ALERT! Semi-Crazed concludes, “I really recommend this book to anyone…it’s great.”
Even bigger SPOILER ALERT! Really, DON’T READ THE BLURB ON AMAZON if you haven’t read the other books first. Bloody Book Aholic thinks Blameless is best.

Heartless: Finished draft 7, off to Gamma.
Timeless: Just an outline, making sure I pick up cookies and threads.
Secret Project F: Axed down and back with the agent.

Steampunk II: Steampunk Reloaded is out.
The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2 is out.

Quote of the Day:
“Fiction writing is great. You can make up almost anything.”
~ Ivana Trump

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