The Last Ketchup ~ Hot Water Bottle

To be done with one project, Gentle Reader, is merely to turn about and commence another. Yes, Heartless is in, but with no time to rest on my laurels. (There may be a little champagne over Christmas and perhaps I might buy myself today’s infusion of cute.) (I should imagine resting on laurels would be mighty uncomfortable anyway.) Because I must begin Timeless.

I continued to wax lyrical, or at least snark, on the subject of inanimate objects over on Babel Clash. This time it is Low Tech Solutions to High Tech Problems

Speaking of which, Gentle Reader, it’s been very cold these last few weeks. Or the California equivalent of very cold which, frankly is not “very” for everyone else. But it has caused me to bring out the hot water bottle. Mine has an absolutely beautiful cover knitted to match my decor by the lovely Miss Kalandar of the Brass Needles Podcast.

I have never understood why Americans are so opposed to the menial hot water bottle. Like the tea cozy, it seems one of those brilliant low tech solutions that has never made it across the pond.

VVB32 is having a little ode to Lord Akeldama.

I thought that meant is was about time to give you his Character Study. As always it will be in it’s own very special separate blog coming up shortly. Hope you enjoy.


Quote of the Day:
“All romances end in tragedy. One of the key people in a romance becomes a monster sooner or later.”
~ David Cronenberg
(A rather amusing quote if you consider the fact that my key people are, by definition, monsters.)

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