The Dark Despair of Windows, Or How Gail Lost Half of Timeless in One Fell Mouse Click

Major set back with Timeless on Monday, Gentle Reader.

I don’t consider myself a very artistic writer. In fact, I’ve been trying to train myself to be better at writing as a job ~ anywhere, anytime. To that end, I lugged my new (well, 4 months old) tiny Samsung (AKA Gimli) around with me all weekend trying to fit writing time in whenever I could. I was very successful and rather proud of myself. Until, due to a complicated series of mistakes (mine) and assumptions (mine based on how Macs behave as opposed to Windows) I lost everything I had written trying to transfer the updated draft of Timeless from Gimli back to my Mac.

That’s a lot of work. Almost 4000 words. Gone in a puff of computer logic. (Why can’t I just plug one computer into another? I mean really? Really! And no, please don’t give some complicated bullpuckie hack for this. I want a cord, I can plug into my Mac with the other end in my Notebook so the one mounts on the other’s DESKTOP and then I can just transfer. That’s what I want. No fiddling.)

Anyway, I’m bitter.

I might have contemplated hurling my notebook, Frisbee-like, across the room. I might have spoken to Gimli quite severely on the subject of how many pairs of shoes I could have spent my money on instead of him. And money well spent, that would have been! I might have vowed never again to be tempted by speed, portability, and price into buying a Windows machine of any kind. I’ll pay ten times as much for my Apple safety net, thank you. This old dog can’t learn new tricks, it’s Macs for me until I die.

So as a direct result, suddenly I just don’t want to work on Timeless. Mere moments before the tragic event I was so excited to get on to the next bit. New hilarity, new mysteries, much amusement was to be had for Alexia and her gang. I don’t mind writing when I know where it’s going. But writing something I’ve already written? Trying to remember what it was I typed down? Where my imagination took me? I don’t know about you, Gentle Reader, but I always end up with this sinking feeling that it was much better and more brilliant the first time around. It’s just plain depressing.

I might have had to have a very stiff drink. And then decided to learn how to make crepe batter. (I do very odd things when I’m drunk.)

Quote of the Day:
And I say unto you, big fat Meh.
~ Me

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  1. WildStrawberry said:

    Hubs is a computer wiz…he's googling a fix for you right now. He says there are programs you can use to scan your hard drive for the missing work…

    He says to try this:

    quickly before the files are written over.

    If you need more help, email me at kaemea at g mail dot com and I'll see what I can do.


  2. Princess_jime said:

    I had this incredible collection of fanmade videos of a certain boyband I like downloaded off a certain blog site that ceased to exist… all gone with a stupid click of my stupid hand on my stupid mouse. I cried.

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