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Lord Akeldama got so many questions, Gentle Readers, I thought that in grand Dear Abby Column style, he would only answer a few at a time.

Please feel free to continue to ask Lord Akeldama pressing questions on love, life, and shoe style. Happy reading!

Via livejournal anonymous asked the following:

Will you stay with Biffy?
How impertinent! As if I should go around asking you about your private life without a proper introduction.

Who made you?
Gail Carriger, naturally. What a silly question.

How many cats have you allowed to share your homes over the years?
Just the one, nine times over. Oh dear, I am so amusing!

If the queen changed one of your drones would they be able to enter your territory comfortably?
A queen must change all my drones, dearheart. I do not possesses the necessary equipment myself. Whoever thought such a phrase woudl come from my pen, sad but true.

What is your favorite book?
Book? Must I? I prefer plays, the art of the stage, the drama, the showmanship. I have a particular fondness for A Midsummer Night Dream, all those sprightly fairies leaping about in very tight britches ~ enchanting!

Are you gay or have you just been around long enough (and done enough) that you have transcended the traditional sexual dynamic?
I like to think of myself as very gay, the center of any party even, a social Charybdis, if you would. I am afraid I don’t quite comprehend the meaning of the traditional sexual dynamic to which you refer. It must be some newfangled modern euphemism. Or is it a contraption of some kind? In which case, I should set the drones on to procuring one immediately, it sounds most entertaining.

LadyTesser asks:
Lord Akeldama, I admire your fashion sense, and have wondered if one of your drones is a fashion designer or you simply patronize a specific house of fashion?
I certainly have some drones who are particularly adept with the tying of a cravat, but none of them engage in any kind of trade, my dear. Heavens forefend. Generally, I go where the whims of Bond Street take me, although I do have a few dear friends in Paris who keep me abreast of the latest fashions.

Your moment of parasol . . .

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Tisane of Smart:
How to make proper introductions in the modern world.
Your Writerly Tinctures:
A list of P. G. Wodehouse’s characters. The man was a genius with names, matched only by Dickens himself. I can but aspire to such greatness.

Quote of the Day:
“Never take favourite dogs into a drawing-room when you make a morning call. Their feet may be dusty, or they may bark at the sight of strangers, or, being of too friendly a disposition, may take the liberty of lying on a lady’s gown, or jumping on the sofas and easy chairs. Where your friend has a favourite cat already established before the fire, a battle may ensue, and one or other of the pets be seriously hurt. Besides, many persons have a constitutional antipathy to dogs, and others never allow their own to be seen in sitting-rooms. For all or any of these reasons, a visitor has no right to inflict upon his friend the society of his dog as well as himself.”
~ Etiquette for Gentlemen
{a constitutional antipathy to dogs ~ I love it. I have a constitutional antipathy to uggs}

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