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I have had a very busy week. My apologies for the light blogging and web presence. Pesky things like novel writing, shopping, and gossip with friends keep interfering. I do hope you will forgive me.

Orbit has launched it’s own podcast. Let’s hope it doesn’t go the way of Harliquin’s and Tor’s and all the other publisher podcast fade to black.

The RT press release. And a reminder, if you are going and hoping to see me there, the only two days I can guarantee I will be in attendance are Wednesday and Thursday.

Donna and I have decided to add 10 more tickets to the Pasadena Tea. So if you missed it the first time around, now is your time! We determined I could project my voice if needed. However, I think even these may all be sold out. Can I say how excited I am about this event? I consider it a pilot program, if it goes well, I’d like to do most of my events in a similar manner ~ so much more civilized, wouldn’t you say?

And the Parasol Protectorate books have now sold to Russia and Sweden! Russia will be bring out the first hardback editions, in Russian of course, but still! Oh, I must remember to tell my girls! (My two best friends in graduate school were Russian and Kazak.)

Gail’s Daily Dose
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The Steampunk Reviewsays of Soulless, “Now that was just pure unadulterated fun. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish.”

Quote of the Day:
“He that would travel much, should eat little.”
~ Benjamin Franklin


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  1. Erin B said:

    Eep! I hope that isn't your laptop in the picture with the cat. It's a cute cat, but Macbooks are designed to vent slightly through their keyboard. I makes for a toast place to sleep, but filling your vents with cat hair or even covering them and stopping your laptop from cooling properly is REALLY hard on your computer.

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