In Which You Have A Vital Potentially Life-Altering Decision To Make

My darling Gentle Reader, an aberrant Fashion-only post because I am in a quandary. If you are not interested or feel yourself unqualified to judge shoes, please do not hesitate to skip to the Daily Dose below.

I need your help.

As you may, or may not know (depending on your length of time following this blog) when I finish a book I allow myself the purchase of a new pair of shoes. Well I already knew what kind of shoe I wanted, a cream colored peep toe with bow. So today I sallied forth and found . . . two! They are slightly different from one another however, just enough that I can not, for the life of me, decide between them.

Save me, my dears, please?

Option one is a slightly warmer cream with a larger flat bow, smaller peep-toe, and a kitten heal.

Option two is a slightly cooler cream with a smaller tied bow, larger peep-toe, and a stiletto.

On the basis of looks alone, which one would you keep?

Option one is softer, lighter, and more rounded. To me, it has a more vintage feel and it’s more comfortable. However, it’s also almost 2x more expensive. Option two is more elegant and refined, less comfortable (although I think it will break in), more stable (despite the higher heal) and probably more durable.

Knowing this additional information, which one should remain part of my wardrobe.

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Quote of the Day:
“If you desire to enjoy life, avoid unpunctual people. The impede business and poison pleasure. Make it your own rule not only to be punctual, but a little beforehand. Such a habit secures a composure which is essential to happiness. For want of it, people live in a constant fever, and ut all about them into a fever too.”
~ Thos. Walker, M.A. 1876

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  1. Stephanie Kapadia said:

    Definitely the more expensive kitten heels!! You just finished writing another book, therefore there should be no guilt whatsoever in buying a more expensive pair of shoes. Especially if that pair is infinitely more comfortable than the cheaper pair. Although… stability is an important factor when purchasing heels!

  2. Jennifer said:

    I like option two, only because you say they are more durable and stable, and I like the bigger peep-toe! And the height will set off those fabulous dresses you've been acquiring 🙂 Good luck choosing!

  3. Robin Barletta said:

    I like option one. The bigger bow + kitten heel combination is so cute! Plus they're more comfortable, which is definitely important. And I agree with Stephanie's comment, you totally deserve a guilt-free purchase of more expensive shoes.

  4. Erin B said:

    I like option one, it covers a little more of the top of your foot and thereby avoids the toe equivalent of plumber's butt. It just looks nicer on your foot.

  5. AshleaD said:

    I am always a more-bang-for-your-buck kinda girl – so I would go with option 2. From the sounds (or looks) of things, they will last you longer while costing you half as much. They have the same overall feel to them, so I think you will be happy with either choice, but perhaps you can get a hand-bag or piece of jewelry with the money you have saved by buying the less expensive shoes 😉

  6. JenniferK said:

    I agree with Erin B. Although at first glance I preferred option 2, option 1 *does* look nicer on your foot. The kitten heel and softer feel of option 1 makes it look stylish yet more comfy. Certainly you deserve an excellent pair of shoes, regardless of price, after all of your hard work!

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