Gail Carriger Has Returned from LA

Seven hours of driving, Gentle Reader. Seven. From a girl who has a standing work station because she doesn’t like to sit still for over 20 minutes. I packed my little car with snacks like I was going along with Hannibal over the Alps. Man the elephants! Full steam ahead. (Oh, what if Hannibal had steam power? Nash!) Yet, in the end, it was quite painless.

The travel shoes.

I had a busy productive and fabulous time down in Tinsel Town. There was morose SF/F bonding in the bar at the Romantic Times Convention.

Richelle Mead & Jeanne Stein & Nicole Peeler & Gail Carriger at RT.

There was shopping at Hubba Hubba in Burbank (I might have got not one, not two, but three vintage purses, plus two new hats, an adorable print 1940s jacket, and a fuchsia dress all of which will eventually make appearances on my new fashion blog). There was the best organized convention I have ever attended (Lit Orange = what happens when librarians rule the world).

Dani Kollin & Gail Carriger & Eytan Kollin

There was a flat tire. And it all culminated in tea and good company.

Donna Ricci (Alexia cover model), Devi Pillai (Editor), Self

Secrets were revealed, gossip was shared, sushi was eaten, the problems of singularity were discussed, and, as one would expect, much tea was drunk. There are many more from the tea from ace photographer Pixie.. (A tiny fireball of orange-haired cuteness.)

On the Roof in Downtown LA.

Katie of BookYurt and I dashed up to the roof of the hotel during the first day of RT and did a quick interview. The sound quality is a bit mussed by the wind (as is my hair) but it was great fun. She asks me about steampunk and gothic tropes, about the Finishing School series, and some teasers for Heartless, as well as some of my favorite romantic moments in film.

All that said, no writing at all was accomplished, which means I must get back to it.

Kate says of Blameless, “In terms of plot development, I cannot possibly spoil the fun, however it was lovely to see Alexia’s indomitable preternatural spirit re-emerge towards the end of the novel.”

Quote of the Day:
“Of course all the sci-fi authors are in the bar, where else would we be?”
~ One of said writers, in the bar, at the Romantic Times Convention

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