A Moment of Personal Reflection

Let me tell you a little something about myself, Gentle Reader. In my closet there is a little box labeled “Spare Parts.””Why, Miss Gail,” you say. “This sounds either creepy or kinky.”

Sadly, it is neither. It is simply that when I get a new piece of clothing I take the spare thread (from sweaters) and extra buttons and I put them in a tiny plastic jewelry bag. I label the bag with a sharpie detailing the make and a personal description of the item to which the button/thread belongs. This I carefully place into the Spare Parts Box.

I am also the type of person who sorts through the Spare Parts Box regularly and removes those baggies belonging to items of clothing I have donated, gifted, or consigned.

This should tell you a whole lot about my character.

This should also tell you that asking me my opinion on the inner workings of the publishing industry would be met with a highly arched eyebrow if incredulity if A. this were not the internet, and B. I were not physically incapable of arching an eyebrow.

Gail’s Daily Dose
Your Tisane of Smart:
In which I do an extensive and loquacious blog on How to Make a Proper Pot of Tea: Being an Essay based on Hearsay, Family Tradition, and Opinionated Preferences. “Let us talk about tea. That great and fateful, that wonder of all wonders, that calmest and most civilized of drinks. I have been pleased to note, of late, it is making a comeback at steampunk events in particular.”
Your Writerly Tinctures:
On earning out. I still think it’s a big deal and a mile marker for an author.

And an Italian interview has also dropped.
Writer’s Coffee Chat: Intervista a Gail Carriger autrice di Soulless.

Quote of the Day:
“Don’t agonize, organize.”
~ Florynce Kennedy

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