Dear Lord Akeldama ~ Concerning Vampires That Sparkle

Dear Lord Akeldama . . .

Mary D asks: What is your considered opinion on the nature of *sparkling* vampires?

Everyone should sparkle darling, not just vampires! I suggest diamonds are a good beginning or possibly sapphires. Then you can move into the arena of more strident colors such as emeralds and rubies. Really, my darling girl, the more sparkle the better!

Aik asks: Hi Lord Akeldama, what is your main hobby besides dressing up as a stylish gentleman?

I do adore a little spate of flower arrangement now and then, and I am a great theater and opera aficionado. I wouldn’t say no to a good symphony or two when the mood strikes. Now don’t let it get out, but I may have also involved myself in a business concern over the invention of a new ablution potion that I am rather whimsically calling bubble bath. Sounds delightfully fun, now doesn’t it?

Susana Ricardo asks: What was your favorite neck of all time?

Now now, my dearest child, a gentleman never bites and tells.

Joana Dias asks: I think I would just ask “Do you want to be my vampire?”.

Why how flattering! My little squash blossom, there are some who have said that I would be anyone’s vampire . . . for an evening or two.

PinkStuff28 asks: What’s really like to be a vampire? Are all of those myths true?

It is a whirl of endless parties, long nights, and sweet compliments. All the myths are true, pinky my precious, and a few more I haven’t invented yet! Except for the one about the mirror. Can you imagine, me, unable to see my own reflection? Heaven forefend!

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“Why oh why must editing always take twice as long as you think and be twice as hard as it should?”

~ Gail to Dan at a Recent Writing Date

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