Soulless Manga Art Launch ~ Ivy Hisselpenny (Behind the Magic)

Today we have the initial sketches for Ivy Hisselpenny!

Ivy Hisselpenny was the unfortunate victim of circumstances that dictated that she be only-just-pretty, only-just-wealthy, and possessed of a terrible propensity for wearing extremely silly hats. This last being the facet of Ivy’s character that Alexia found most difficult to bear. In general she found Ivy a restful, congenial and, most importantly, willing partner in any excursion.

In Alexia, Ivy had found a lady of understanding and intelligence, sometimes overly blunt for her own delicate sensibilities, but loyal and kind under even the most trying circumstances.

Ivy had learned to find Alexia’s bluntness entertaining, and Alexia had learned one did not always have to look at one’s friend’s hats. Thus, each having discovered a means to overlook the most tiresome aspects of the other’s personality early on in their relationship, the two girls developed a fixed friendship to the mutual benefit of both

~ from Soulless

My manga artist’s name is Rem. The Soulless manga is coming out via Yen Press. It launches officially at Comic Con in San Diego July 21. It will be available serialized in Yen Plus, a monthly online anthology. starting July 11, and as a full book next spring!

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Quote of the Day:
“Another novelty is the tea-party, an extraordinary meal in that, being offered to persons that have already dined well, it supposes neither appetite nor thirst, and has no object but distraction, no basis but delicate enjoyment.”
~ Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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