The Lost Boys, Cry Baby, and Hackers or Movie Revenge!

The AB and I watched The Lost Boys last weekend. He insisted I needed a greater knowledge of vampire cannon (film major, what can I say?).

My thoughts, Gentle Reader? The world needs more vampires with mullets. And greased up Chippendale’s dancers lip sinking 80’s ballads with saxophones. Yet, definitely not one for the fashion blog.

I also decided I needed revenge. A first I called Sixteen Candles down upon him, but he was rather excited by that I idea. So I bought out the big guns, John Waters films! He squirmed most delightfully at the very idea of Cry Baby. (Now there is a movie worthy of a fashion blog! Don’t you want every single one of their outfits?)

Finally, I settled on Hackers. Wha ha ha haha! I love Hackers, but I’m pretty certain it may cause his little Indy-film obsessed heart considerable pain. Revenge is sweet.

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Quote of the Day:
Self: Funny how some books are simply easier and cleaner to write.
Dan: Perhaps it’s just that you are finally comfortable with the Parasol Protectorate series. Right when you are ending it.
Self: Ah, but what is it they say about the best time to leave a party?
~ Rgr, Timeless: Book the Fifth

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  1. Sal Kaye said:

    I LOVE The Lost Boys! I was just writing about that movie a little while ago.
    And I love Hackers! Crash & Burn. 😉

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