Heartless is Coming! (The Parasol Protectorate)

So I have a stack of books and I plan on moving in the not too distant future plus knowing Heartless releases soon, I think it is time to clear the decks, so to speak.

Yes, you know what that means . . . another contest!

I like many of the suggestions Gentle Readers had for contests when I pinged you a while back, but I don’t want anything too difficult. So here is my idea.


The Challenge:

  • Take a picture of . . . one of my books with yourself, or the book with a silly Ivyish hat, or the book with an Alexiaish parasol, or the book in a foreign land or odd location (or any combination thereof).
  • I like silly, but please don’t feel like you must make a fool of yourself ~ unless you want to.
  • Post this photo to your blog, or the Parasol Protectorate Books Facebook Group, or anywhere else online that is an open forum (by which I mean: one I can easily access without a new user ID).
  • Do it by Thursday, June 16, 2011.
  • Leave a link in the comments bellow WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS or email it to me directly via my website.

The Results:

  • I will select 3 winners.
  • First prize will receive all 4 Parasol Protectorate books so far, UK editions ~ yes, including Heartless.
  • Second prize will receive the first 3, US editions.
  • Third prize will receive the first 2, US editions.
  • All of these can be signed and/or dedicated if desired.

How It Works:

  • Open to anyone, anywhere.
  • Winners announced next Friday, June 17, 2011.
  • The first two prize winners will be chosen by whim and at my amusement.
  • I may solicit outside opinions.
  • Third place will be by random number, so you have a chance to win just by entering.
  • I will post all three images to my blog ~ so you need to be OK with that.
  • You will then have to contact me with your address so I can send you the books.

I hope you have fun with this!

Quote of the Day:
“Tea and books ~ mmmmmm, two of life’s exquisite pleasures that together bring near-bliss.”
~ Christine Hanrahan

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  1. Leigh-Ann said:

    I haven't been able to afford a new book in years and rely on the local library for my entertainment. Although I can't fault the contest provider for wanting to reward folks who've purchased the book in one form or another, I was disappointed to realize I wouldn't be able to enter. Maybe you could have a contest for people who own the most cats and I'd be in the running for sure πŸ˜‰ My nonprofit cat sanctuary is on FB at http://www.facebook.com/WeePawsAnimalSanctuary.com… 14 cats rescued so far this year, with 6 more arriving next week!

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