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Live Journal is still down (for me) Gentle Reader, so I’m switching to BlogSpot for the moment. This is my back up blog location (for future reference) anyway. Look at me, using it for actual backup, amazing! Actually this was a perfectly fine time for LJ to go down, in my life anyway. Not a lot is going on. However, I didn’t want to leave you hanging too long so I give you a random moment of Dear Gail . . .

Received in my Calling Card inbox a few months ago.

Dear Gail,

I was wondering…
do you have a favorite wall paper pattern
what is your favorite light bulb
when did you first fall in love
just wondering…

I am very fond of black and white stripes. It is my dream, one day, to have a living room that is entirely black and white. Perhaps with an occasional red accent here or there.

As for light bulbs I’ll go for anything bright, fluorescents these days. Both my parents have some strange addiction to low watt light bulbs, 60 or bellow. While I appreciate that a 100 watt bulb is bad for the environment, I enjoy seeing what I am doing. I write, read, and sew and I’m unwilling to torture my eyes with dimness while pursuing these activities. Good lighting is not an option, it is a moral and physical imperative.

I have loved quite deeply, but being in love came late to me. It’s mainly terrifying in my opinion. I don’t like being responsible for another person’s emotional well being. I got over it eventually.

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“But perhaps there is nothing more convenient that the ordinary indiarubber air cushion, which has the advantage of all others in point of portability, since, when emptied, it lies flat in an infinitesimal space, or will roll up into an ulster pocket, while a few seconds serves to convert it into a plump but yielding support.”
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, Hints to Lady Travellers, 1889


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  1. everstone said:

    I agree that love can be a very scary thing. Someone being dependant on you for their emotional happiness? Love in movies and books is lovely though. Maybe as I get older I'll appreciate it more in real life. As I slowly slide from early 20s to mid 20s I'm starting to feel more open to the idea.

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