The State of the Author Beast (Ketchup)

My darling Gentle Reader, Live Journal appears to be, sort of, back up and running. I’m having difficulties loading up new images but I’m going to take this as a momentary opportunity to give you all a quick update.

I’m working ever so hard on the edits for Etiquette & Espionage the first Finishing School book. I really need to focus on them. As a result, I’m taking Serious Measures to fee up some time.

  • I’ll be less online for the next two months. Or at least more sporadic. As ever, I allow myself the luxury of lurking about on Twitter over tea, and I’ll be poking about groups and blogs during those phases when drafts are back with my editor.
  • Don’t worry I will keep the Facebook and Twitter feed updated, I just may not respond very quickly to comments and queries.
  • Retro Rack, which is my necessary brain break, will continue unhindered (2 times a week)
  • Don’t worry, I have posts for this blog in the works, but they may not be quite so frequent. Please bare with me?
  • Yes, Lord Akeldama is planning on hijacking this blog for his advice column, so for those (many) of you who have asked questions, he is coming back . . .
  • I’ll be declining online interviews and audio interviews for the time being (unless already arranged). Please know I am always flattered to be asked, but right now I have to write my books rather than blogs. Please be kind enough to ping me again in October or better, December?
  • If LiveJournal sorts itself out there will be fresh content, it’s just likely to be shorter and more image heavy for a little while, that’s all. Sometimes it may just be the Daily Dose.
  • If LJ does not sort itself out I will still be posting on BlogSpot.
  • This has been such a pain (along with increasing other LJ problems) I am considering a permanent switch. Or I may take up some other blog handler. All will depend on coding the ghost to my website and various other minutia I don’t have time to deal with right now.

Thank you so much for your patience, I promise Etiquette & Espionage is totally worth it!

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  1. Anne D said:

    I can follow you here, or at LJ, whichever works best for you. Twitter and Facebook, not so much… Do what works for you, I'll find a way to read your bloggage.

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