Reno WorldCon 2011, Ho!

I’ll be gone most of this week and the beginning of next, Gentle Reader, to Reno, NV for World Con (August 17 ~ 21, 2011). I am very much looking forward to this convention. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for an event. Bellow I’ve posted my schedule and (depending on the vittles, the hour, and the company) you will probably be able to find me in the bar, in the con suite, or at the SFWA table the rest of the time.


2 ~ 3 pm Futuristic Fashion & Wearable Art
(Panel in D05)
Fashion that can collect and broadcast video, bio-genetic art, LED tattoos… what’s coming around the bend in RL and visible now in the latest science fiction?

7 ~ 8 pm Adventures in Ceramics Archaeology: a Field Report
(Presentation in A02)
In her other life, author Gail Carriger is an experimental archaeologist. Her talk will present the history of ceramic technology, utilizing samples of pottery from various cultures and ending with a focus on one particular kiln re-recreation and its humorous results.

Night: Girl Genius Steampunk Ball!


11 ~ noon Urbane Fantasies vs Urban Fantasy
(Panel in A04)
Urban fantasy is fantasy in which fantasy elements intrude into the real world. Mix that with a comedy of manners and you get something that is perhaps better described as urbane fantasy. And what do you get when you then throw in a dash of steampunk?

2 ~ 4 pm SFWA Table

5 ~ 6 Orbit Book Panel


11 ~ noon KaffeeKlatsch AKA TeaTalk

2 ~ 3 pm Self Defense with a Parasol and Fine Teas
(Talk in Hall 2 Teen Lounge)


11 ~ noon Autographing
(Hall 2)

I very much hope to see many of you there. I have set Twitter to send Tweets regarding these events daily but I don’t think I will be online myself very much. Look for Retro Rack posts about the outfits seen at the convention in the weeks following my return.

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Quote of the Day:

“If when you are walking with a lady in any crowded thoroughfare you are obliged to proceed singly, always precede her.”

~ Etiquette for Gentlemen, 1850

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