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Dustave Doré & Victorian London’s Suburbs

Just discovered the amazing illustrations of London by Gustave Doré. He mainly sketched the lowlife and slums from about 1860-1880.

Over London by Rail 1872 (From London- A Pilgrimage)

Low Lifes

Dudley Street Seven Dials (from London a Pilgrimage) 1872

Westminster Stairs 1872

On the London suburbs, according to contemporary guidebooks complied by Judith Flanders in The Victorian House.

  • Because of a direct railway Chamberwell and Peckingham: clerks
  • Hammersmith, Balham, and Leyton: lower middle class
  • Penge and Ealing: middle class (no direct railway)
  • Hampstead: upper middle
  • St. Jon’s Wood: authors, journalists, publishers
  • Tyburnia, Bayswater, Haverstock Hill, Brixton, Clapham, Kenninton, and Stockwell: city men like stockbrokers, merchants, commercial agents
  • Sydenham, Highgate, Barnes, Richmond: the wealthy (swells & ladies)

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“The most convenient arrangement I have ever tried. However, was a little electro-silver reading lamp lent me a year or two ago by a friend when I was traveling to the Scotch Highlands, and had a long night journey from town. It consisted simply of a case to hold the candle – which it exactly fitted – with a strong, self-actign spring, which raised the candle to the proper height as fast as it burnt down.”
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson (1889)

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