Dear Lord Akeldama ~ The Crystal Palace & Other Wonders

Vampire sparkle action here for you Gentle Reader!

Did you, good sir, attend the first World’s Fair? If so, how did you find the architecture and ambiance of The Crystal Palace? And which was your favorite pavilion?

My dearest darling sugarplum, Chicago is a tad far for one such as myself. But I did attend The Great Exhibition. I am, it might be said, still in ecstasies over the experiences there. Such wonders, such frivolity, such industrial sparkle ~ it quite took my breath away. What little I have left. But in actual fact, to my limited capacities, it was the Crystal Palace itself that was the true marvel. I am enamored of ridiculous architecture.

Anita asks: I have noticed a resurgence in a 1970s fashion staple – the jumpsuit. Possibly even worse – the romper. As a gentleman of fashion what is your take on the jumpsuit?

Ah, Nitakins, what a very serious question you ask me! As a general rule my feeling is that the romper and the jumpsuit are best left to those who romp and jump about. Which is to say if you wish to dress as a child you should not be surprised if others treat you as such.

Mayor of “There” asks: Having circulated among Ms. Carriger social milieu I notice that the verbal mannerisms of both yourself and the former Miss Hisselpenny are ever so slightly reminiscent of two of her circle. Is Ms. Carriger altering your bantering style in homage to her acquaintances or is what I am observing mere coincidence?

I assure you, good sir, that I am An Original! Shocking! The very idea! Any similarities between myself and any person living or dead are purely the consequence of my extensive influence and the result of the admiring masses. How do you know, dear sir, that these Algonquin artistic types are not modeling themselves upon me?

Mayor of “There” also asks: What is the worst item of clothing inflicted upon a gentleman of style in terms of either comfort or appearance?

In order of discomfort my dear Mayoral Locality ~ the corset, the high healed shoe, and the pointed collar. Fortunately, all but one have been assumed by the fairer sex, who appear, on the whole, to be far more tolerant of such things. Is suspect this my be because they are, by nature’s gift, a tab more squishy, on the whole.

nm_samantha asks: What decade of the 20th century are you most fond of in terms of fashion?

Oh my dear, the 1930s. The zoot suit (it never officially came over here but that didn’t stop me from wearing it!), the pin stripe, the new possibilities in men’s hats that suddenly opened up and ~ that joy of joys, that beauty of beauties ~ the wingtip spectator.

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