Podcasts for Characters (Miss Carriger Recommends)

There are some authors out there who listen to music while they write. Soem of them even make soundtracks for books. I am not one of those authors, Gentle Reader. As a former dancer I find myself wanting to twirl about too much when music is on.

I listen to a lot of podcasts however, mostly when I am driving, exercising, shopping, running errands, cooking, eating . . . Yeah, pretty much any time I am not writing. In fact, you might call me a podcast fangirl. This is one reason I love Balticon so much. So I realized recently that I associate certain podcasts with certain characters, in a Peter and the Wolf kind of way. Which is to say, they not only seem to tie in together but if I know that character has a scene coming up I will sometimes rearrange my podcast listening schedule to coincide.

Here’s the association:

So if one of those is your favorite character, I wonder if you would like the associated podcast. And I’m curious, do you associate certain music with my books or characters? Do you use music when you are writing?

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  1. Renee said:

    Hi Gail, we really appreciate the link but it does not lead back to our podcast, or our blog. We were wondering if it would be possible to change that? Thank you so much and you are one of our favs as well.

  2. roof repair nj said:

    I too am a podcast addict.I usually have headphones in my head while walking, reading books or solving maths question.I have a music play list which i often listen.Do you have any such favorite list?

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