More with Contests and Moving

Last chance for our last winner (#3) . . .
To claim the foreign edition prize. I said one week and I meant it! I still have received no email.

Tomorrow, I bump everyone else up and send off the books.
After that I’m going to post the remainders up for grabs on some kind of really easy contest basis, so check back again soon. I move at the end of the month and I’m not taking these puppies with me.

In other news, Gentle Reader, I am slowly but surely getting things in order for next year’s touring and convention visits. They should go up on my website as soon as I can manage to figure out how to use my new computer to code the darn thing. Sometimes it’s tough being a technophobe. Every piece of new technology is so very threatening. For example, I am, finally, investing in a smart phone and am absolutely shaking in my boots at the prospect.

There is also moving house going on right now so if you don’t see me online all that much, I’m packing. And packing. And more packing. Pip pip!

Book News:
A quick review of Heartless from Bookish and Tales to Tide You Over reviews Heartless.

Quote of the Day:
“I was just looking for a word for hat decorations & completely missed “cockade” – which is an ornament (such as a rosette) usually worn on the hat. I am highly amused, and hope to use this word often.”
~ Kitty NicIaian

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