The Last Convention of 2011 ~ Teslacon

Teslacon was my last convention of this year, and what a way to go out!

There were travel adventures that included ~ but were not limited to: missed flights, extensive lay overs, being verbally attacked by a psycho psychic, sushi consumption, Cleveland, lost luggage, and freezing cold. Luckily (or unluckily for her) the lovely and fantastically talented Unwoman was in the same situation as I. You know what they say about misery? Well it is all true, especially if Unwoman is the company.

@globug0822 on twitter, following the saga (which I reported via iPhone, only 3 days in my life and now I can’t imagine what I did without it) wrote a little ode. My fans are so cute!

Speaking of cute fans . . .

And my fellow authorial (and ambassadorial) compatriots were pretty darn cute too.

Paul Magrs, The Airship Ambassador, Self, George Mann

All in all, once the saga of travel had ended a delightful con. Although, be warned stemapunkers, Teslacon is not like other steampunk conventions. It is what they call “Full Emersion,” I’d call it a kind of mass-hysteria-meets-LARP. It was a mite startling, fortunately there was plenty of tea.

Oh and I nearly gotten taken by Steampunk Fett to be Slave Gail! Shocking!

I’ve also taken a great number of steampunk fashion photos which I hope to post over in Retro Rack this week. (I helped to judge the costume contest.)

Still packing for my relocation operation, if I don’t get to blog again happy turkey day to those of you who celibate the festival of consumption. Catch you next week.

Book News:

Madame Lefoux’s hat box for the modern age!

Quote of the Day:
Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially impotent for an indefinite period of time.
~ Unknown

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  1. bobsandigeo said:

    I'm sure you mean the last convention of 2011, pretty lady. And while some celebrate Turkey Day I will celebrate Evacuation Day. 🙂

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