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Ok, so my manga publisher, Yen Press, printed up and bound a short run of a sample of the first chapter of Soulless Vol. 1 (the manga). They did this Special Preview for NY ComicCon.


They had a few extra. So you know what that means?

Contest time!

I have 4 to give away.

I thought I’d encourage you to be artistic.

Here’s what to do to enter . . .
1. Create something visual and Alexia Tarabotti related. This can be anything from fan art, to a costume, to a video, to a polyvore collection, to your own character board, to a fashion outfit, to a piece of jewelry, to a mug, so long as it is inspired by Alexia. It has to be your unique creation, not for sale. It doesn’t have to be good. Just have fun.
2. Post it, or a picture of it, wherever you please so long as it isn’t a closed forum. I want to be able to link to it, and see it myself.
3. Post a link to your art in the comments section of my Live Journal blog ~ below the contest announcement. (Sorry, blogspot’s comments system annoys me.) I’ve enabled anonymous comments for the duration. (Will be interested to see how much spam I get.)
4. You MUST include a way of contacting you. If you forget and have to re-comment, ALSO re-comment with the link to the art.
5. One entry per person, please.
6. I’m going to give you some time for this one. You have a whole month, until Friday Feb 10, 2012.
7. Have fun!

Who wins.
1. I hate to play favorites, so winners will be random number generated.
2. Four people will win a signed copy of this unique manga special preview, and a signed copy of Heartless.
3. Yes you can enter something you completed before the contest started, but I’d love to see something new.
4. Everyone is eligible.

A note, I have disabled comments to this one entry.

Book News:
SF Book Club is doing a simultaneous release of the last Parasol Protectorate Omnibus with Timeless. This is the special for-club-members-only hardback edition that includes the last two books (Heartless and Timeless). The cover is lovely. I’ll post it here when I get a bigger image from my publishers.

Quote of the Day:
“My hands are already dirty just from setting foot on this planet.”
~ Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, Hellhole, 2011 (via Ansible, Thog’s Masterclass)


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