Upcoming Book Tour & 2012 Events

In case you have missed it elsewhere on the interwebs. Here is the information for my upcoming tour (and other 1012 events).

Timeless book tour . . .

London! Parasol Protectorate book tour, April 10 ~ 15, 2012. More details to come.

The World Steam Expo (Dearborn, MI) May 25-28.

ComicCon in (San Diego, CA) July 12-15. Gail’s program listing.

DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) August 30-September 3.

To answer the inevitable questions . . .

With the exception of a few possible European cities (no, I can’t talk about it yet, yes I will let you know as soon as I do) and possibly Las Vegas in November these are the only place I will be visiting in 2012. And the only places I will be in 2012 are these. If you ask me whether I will be near you, I will respond with a link to this page.

How to get me to a place near you in 2013?

My book tours are decided on several factors whether:

1. the local bookstore wants me
2. my sales are good enough in that area
3. my publishing house is in favor of the expense

My conventions appearances are decided by whether:

1. I have been to that exact convention within the last 3 years, or visited the area on tour recently
2. I have been invited
3. I have another events already that month (or deadlines)
4. the convention has been running for over 2 years
5. it’s at my own expense (if my author friends and publishing associates are there I’m more likely to go)

Tea parties are organized only in areas where I have close friends and contacts, which means LA and the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am dreadfully sorry that I can’t make it everywhere. I really am trying to be as even handed as possible, for example I try to visit industry cons, small cons, and steampunk cons in equal measure, and I always try to accept invitations to areas I’ve never visited before. The East Coast seems particularly neglected for no determinable reason. I keep trying to get back to BaltiCon but there are certain convention heavy weekends and that is one of them.

Sadly, I burn out easily on events so I have to keep it under 12 a year. Plus, with two books due, writing must be my priority. Oh, but I really do hope someday to meet you all, no matter how far flung. And I treasure the memories of those readers I have met. I never thought when I gave up archaeology for writing that I would be afforded the opportunity to travel so frequently and it is an unexpected joy and a blessing. Getting to meet my readers is the treacle in the proverbial tart.

And now, back to writing.


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Book News:
The Steampunk Scholar gets all academic over Blameless.

Quote of the Day:
Upon entering Australia with Furnival Jones then one of the heads of MI5.
“What’s this?” drawled the passport officer, pointing to the entry in F.J.’s passport under “Occupation.”
F.J. had entered “Gentleman.”
“That is my occupation,” uttered F.J. in his most patrician manner, “I have no other. I am a gentleman. Don’t you have them here?”
~ Peter Wright, Spycatcher


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