New York Times, Manga Times, and European Times (Parasol Protectorate)

After all my fussing, Timeless made NYT at #17, USA at #98, and PW at #12.

Thank you so so much for buying, Gentle Reader!

I won’t lie, the Amazon pre-sales hurt. They spread out Timeless‘s numbers over three weeks, instead of one, which means about 1/3 didn’t go towards the “first-official-week-on-sale” listings at all. (It’s a mysterious and complicated mathematical code.) But that, in turn, means you all really must have bought a lot of copies! Thank you thank you thank you!

Alexia fan art.

Better, by far, is the fact that many of you have taken the time to tell me that, as devoted readers, you enjoyed the last book. I really value this, Timeless was a lot of work, and I want you particularly, Gentle Reader died-in-the-wool fans, to feel satisfied.

Ivy fan art.

Please, don’t worry about preorders in the future. We hope to have the situation all sorted by the time Etiquette & Espionage releases and the Manga wasn’t effected this time round. In fact, Soulless Vol. 1, the manga hit #2 on NYT’s manga list. (Yeah, I didn’t know there as one, either.) Hooray! Go little manga go! Rah rah rah! (I blame Alexia’s rack.)

Madame Lefoux fan art.

This means I’ve got two books on the NYT at the same time. It’s a mile marker I didn’t even know was possible. I had an extra cup of tea and some of TJ’s excellent Raspberry Macaroon cake to celebrate. Then I went out with the AB and stuffed myself silly with Burmese food, including a fritter made of coconut custard. Best.Thing. Ever. I might even allow myself some raspberry pavlova when I’m in England next month.

Speaking of which . . .

I am planning a European Tour but it is messy. It’s like organizing the UN, only with publishing houses, language barriers, and time differences. Please, keep an eye on twitter, facebook, and my website and I’ll try to keep you updated as things get cemented.

Right now all I know for certain is that I will be in London at some point between April 9-13, possibly longer. I may be doing one or two conventions in England the weekend before and after, and I might make it up to somewhere in the midlands (Birm, Notts, Leeds?)

After England, there is a likelihood I will be in Stockholm the evenings of the 18th & 19th, Budapest the 20th, 21st & 22nd, Barcelona the evening of the 23rd. I don’t have all my plane tickets yet, and only one of the hotels, so what I’m actually doing is utterly unformed.

This is a working trip, not a vacation, so it will be crammed with events. I promise! I want to be as assessable possible, but because it is a fly and then hit the ground running situation, I won’t have time to meet anyone personally or do any tweet-ups. I am sorry.

This is all being covered by my respective publishing houses, which is wonderful of them, so please thank them for arranging it all.

I don’t know when I will make it to these parts of the world again. Traveling really derails my writing and I can’t afford the time sink for an overseas trip more than once a year, and once I’ve been somewhere it seems to be several years before I get back again.

On that line, if my books aren’t published in your country, it’s off the list. There’s simply no way to justify the cost. For those of you who wonder about Paris, my French publishing house is trying to organize something special for 2013. I was just in Germany, so it will probably be some time before I return (much as I loved it). Italy is on my wish list, but my sales aren’t all that strong there so . . .

Anyway, sorry for the burblings. I’m right discombobulated this morning. It must be those custard fritters . . . You know what this calls for? More tea.

Book News:
21 Prognostications for the Parasol Protectorate in the 21st century. Hilarious and brilliant!

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“Remember the tea kettle – it is always up to its neck in hot water, yet it still sings! ”
~ Author Unknown

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  1. Linda Gail Walters said:

    The fan art is excellent. The one of Ivy really captured her. By the way, I pre-ordered "Timeless" from Amazon, not knowing that they would release it before the official in-store release. I don't think they ever said that it would be released early. I still bought a new copy at Mysterious Galaxy for your signing. I wanted a pristine copy for the signing and to support a great independent bookseller.

    I can hardly wait for the YA series and the "Parasol Protectorate Abroad."

  2. Gail Carriger said:

    Isn't it cute? It;s from one of my Bay Area signings. She just came up and handed it to me at the end. So cute! Thank you for buying double, as you can see it really did help. Silly Amazon.

  3. kitgibbs said:

    As I wrote on twitter, I loved the Parasol Protectorate Series very much and the characters are now dear friends whose adventures I cannot get tired to read about. I'm delighted to hear Italy is on your wish list and I hope one day you will end up in my country as well. In the meantime do enjoy your time around the world because new adventures/trips could bring some new ideas for new books for you to write. 🙂

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