Best San Diego Comic Con Swag Evah

Well, OK “best swag, I hope, and only if you are a fan of my books.” Which I suspect you are, otherwise it’s a little odd that you are reading this blog.

So here’s the deal. I am going to San Diego Comic Con 2012 in two weeks! (I hope it isn’t like this. Eeep!) My publishing house and I have been plotting and we will be giving away something very awesome at the convention.

I can’t tell you what it is. Although, trust me, you’ll love it.

I can tell you there’s only going to be 100 there.

So. If you are going to SDCC, here’s what you need to do to get the swag. (You didn’t think I’d make it easy did you? Oh no, I do love a treasure hunt and I’m hoping to make this a reward for my Particular Fans.)

  1. Drop me an email using the Calling Card feature on my website. I will email you back with a secret code word.
  2. Drop by the Hachette Book Publishing Booth (spaces 1116-1118-1120) AFTER 1 pm on Thursday and give them the code word.
  3. You will get awesome-sox swag.

First come first serve basis. Distribution will start 1 PM Thursday and go until they are out.

Please do not email me begging for the swag because you couldn’t get tickets, aren’t going to be there, or might not make it in time. Hachette is bringing said swag and I have no control over distribution.

My schedule for SDCC is still not ironed out. I promise I will post it as soon as may be. I’ve been researching survival tips and getting advice from fellow authors. I’m trying not to book too many things.

I can tell you:

  1.  I will probably have autographing sessions in the Autographing Zone from 3 ~ 4 on both Saturday & Sunday.
  2.  I probably won’t be around Friday.
  3.  I’m considering a tweet-up at a local frozen yoghurt place on Saturday around 6 for an hour or so. If you are local but can’t make the convention itself, that will be your chance to see me.

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