In Which Gail Distills 10 Convention Commandments (Important for Writers)

Today I have the first of two entries on silly Gail-centric convention commandments.

Gail’s Favorite 10 Convention Commandments

I believe that these apply across the board, regardless of convention size, and pretty much whenever traveling anywhere.

1. Thou shalt follow the 6, 2, 1 rule. At least six hours sleep, two full meals (one of them a big breakfast), and one bath.*
2. Thou shalt wear deodorant but not perfume.
3. Thou shalt tip thy maids.
4. Thou shalt wear layers.
5. Honor thy moderator.
6. Thou shalt carry badge, ID, business cards, phone, cash, name tent, mints, floss, tissues, pain killers & other meds, compact, snacks, and water upon thy person at all times.
7. Thou shalt not eat raw onions.
8. Thou shalt follow the protocols of cosplay. (No realistic weapons, no sticky substances AKA the PB & J rule, no view obstructing wings or hats, be aware of your costumed dimensions.)
9. Thou shalt not put a backpack on a large man. (Nothing worse than being a short female constantly whacked in the face by a backpack-wielding Sasquatch, particularly on planes.)
10. Thou shalt shalt not dress like a slob.

* In my case this is the 8, 3, 2 rule. I try to get at least 8 hours sleep, hence you see me heading to bed at midnight. I eat 3 full meals, you knew Alexia’s obsession with food came from me, right? And I take a shower in the morning and a bath, or at least a soak for my poor feet, in the evening.

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Quote of the Day:

“Useful items of persona apparel include ‘several full-sized silk gossamer veils to wear with your topee’ and ‘a most liberal supply of tulle, net, lace, ruffles, frillings, white and coloured collars and cuffs, artificial flowers and ribbon’. Furthermore ‘pretty little wool wraps to throw over the head, and an opera cloak, are requisites which should note be overlooked’.”

~ Advice on a lady packing for abroad int eh late 19th century, from Daughters of Britannia by Kate Hickman, an interesting read but a terrible reference book.

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  1. Sarah Macklin said:

    *bows head* Amen. Also, thou shalt not glomp, take pictures, or touch people without permission. But that's more of a rule for other people. I know you wouldn't!

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