In Which Gail Distills 10 Comic Con Commandments (Important for Writers)

I’ve been learning lots of stuff ~ some of it for attendees, some for pros. I’ve distilled out ten rules for myself, in particular. I shall apply them and get back to you, Gentle Reader, on whether they work or not when I’m down there. Of course these are combined with my already stated 10 Commandments of Convention Attendance.

Whatever your “Comic Con” I believe these might be at least helpful jumping off points.

Gail’s Favorite 10 Comic Con Commandments

1. Thou shalt apply the buddy system and schedule places and times to meet.
2. Thou shalt make friends in line and speak loudly when leaving the buddy (to save your space) so those around know you will return. (But do not do so with only 15 minutes left.)
3. Thou shalt not walk the entire exhibition hall in one day. (For low it is four miles or more to do all the isles, sayith Tom Galloway.)
4. Remember the bathroom locations, keep them holy.
5. Honor thy fellow author’s survival tips. (And others.)
6. Thou shalt wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes.
7. Thou shalt not commit to cab or pedi-cab without address. (And in the case of a pedi-cab, price up front.)
8. Thou shalt leave thirty minutes to an hour to get anywhere.
9. Thou shalt not ask unto thee inane questions of security guards (stormtroopers are more helpful).
10. Thou shalt not covet an over-abundance of swag. (Or, thou shalt plan ahead with a prepayed shipping boxes.)

Book News:
Eventually you’ll be able to buy some of my foreign editions from Pat Rothfass’s site, proceeds to charity. I’ll let you know with a link when they are available.

Quote of the Day:
“6 calico combinations
6 silk or wool combinations
6 calico or clackingette(?) slip bodices
6 trimmed muslin bodices
12 pairs tan stockings
12 pairs Lisle thread stockings (cheaper than silk but still light)
6 strong white petticoats
6 trimmed petticoats
2 warm petticoats
4 flannel petticoats
36 pocket handkerchiefs
4 pairs of stays (corsets)
4 fine calico trimmed combinations for evening”
~ Flora Anne Steel on packing undergarments for travel to India 1888
(not unlike my Comic Con packing)

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