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Thursday, 7/12/12

10:00 ~ 11:00am The Witty Women of Steampunk
Room: 5AB
The Victorian era was one marked by constraints on behavior, morals & bosoms. When you add a bit of scifi to the mix however, those corset laces begin to loosen. The steampunk genre has allowed a new wave of female creators and personalities to explore how liberating, sexy & adventurous the age of steam can be. Join Robin Blackburn (The League of S.T.E.A.M.), Anina Bennett (Boilerplate), Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate Series), Kaja Foglio (Girl Genius), Robin Thorsen (The Guild) and moderator Dina “Lady Steam” Kampmeyer (Steampunk LA) as we discuss literature, fashion, romance, adventure & more.

1:00pm The Best Gail Carriger Swag Evah Give Away Begins
Hachette Booth (spaces 1116-1118-1120)
I hope everyone will have emailed me for the secret code word by the end of today, Tuesday. I’ll have limited access to email at the convention, but you can still try. Instructions here.

Friday, 7/13/12

Offsite meetings and interviews all day.

7:00 ~ 10:30pm Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards
Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel
VIP seating provided for Comic-Con’s Special Guests.
Celebrity presenters and a number of Comic-Con’s own awards in addition to Eisner Awards. Pan Pacific buffet served at 7:00PM. Ceremony starts at 8. A no-host bar party will follow in the foyer of the Indigo Ballroom, with a live jazz combo.

Saturday, 7/14/12

Steampunk invasion day.
Look for me in a modified version of my spoon corset outfit.

Noon Annual Starburner Galactic Courier Awards
Mezzanine Level, North stairs

1:30 ~ 2:30pm Spotlight on Gail Carriger
Room 5AB
New York Times Best Selling Author Gail Carriger (The Parasol Protectorate Series) and her literary agent Kristin Nelson (President and Senior Literary Agent at Nelson Literary Agency) discuss breaking into publishing, converting a novel into a manga, writing steampunk, drinking tea, and the importance of octopuses. Followed by Q&A. Silly questions welcome. Making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT.

3:00 ~ 4:00pm Gail Carriger Signing
Autographing Area
Next to bathroom, second floor of convention in Sails Pavilion. All signings have a specific time & table.

6:00pm Gail Carriger Fan Tweet Up
Sweet Things Frozen Yogurt (at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel)
If you do not have tickets to attend Comic Con itself but are local to the area, this is your chance to catch me. You do still have to come down into the waterfront madness. Or if you can’t catch any of my signings or panels. I’ll probably hang out for an hour or so eating froyo, come by and say high, get books signed, ask me questions about The Big Announcement, and so forth.

Sunday, 7/15/12

1:45 ~ 2:45pm Panel: Foes with Fur and Fangs
Room: 5AB
Vampires have staked their claim on readers and werewolves have certainly taken a bite out of pop-fiction. But these paranormal creatures aren’t the only ones that run havoc in the pages of science-fiction and fantasy novels. Authors discuss the villains and vixens—from witches to zombies and beyond—in their action-packed adventures. The actual length of a 60-minute panel is really about 50-55 minutes.

3:00 ~ 4:00pm Foes with Fur and Fangs Panel Signing
Autographing Area
Next to bathroom, second floor of convention in Sails Pavilion. All signings have a specific time & table.

So there it is, Gentle Reader. I leave for San Diego Comic Con tomorrow and I will be gone until Monday. I’ll be pretty limited in free time and internet access. Expect a full report, after I get back, here on both on this blog and on Retro Rack about the Comic Con experience and fashion. Sadly, my outfits won’t be quite as natty as I hoped. I have had to switch all my lovely spiked heals for flats, this ankle is still not mended fully. (No I wasn’t going to were stilettos the whole time, just in the hotel bar of an evening.) In typical me fashion ~ overwhelmed, tired, and stressed ~ it was the discovery of this fact that overcame me last night. I might have had a moment of sniffles on the couch. I am a shallow shallow person.

However, I’m back on top of things now. Today is for prepping, working, and packing. Here’s hoping I don’t forget anything. Luckily, I travel so much these days I have it down to an art form and while Comic Con is the Goliath of cons, I keep reminding myself, it is still just another convention. Same packing rules apply only with a few extra outfits. This isn’t an excavation site, I’m not stranded in the middle of nowhere. San Diego is rumored to be civilized, as overrun with nerds, geeks, and dorks as it is soon too be.

I am bring my own tea, though.



Book News:
Biffy by Matt Harrison ‏@matchoo28
Biffy fan art!

Quote of the Day:

“There are some people so curiously constituted as actually to enjoy this ghastly preparation for a journey, but to the general public it is a sort of nightmare, a realisation of those hideous dreams, when one is for ever starting on a journey, and for ever discovering, at the very last available second, that all one’s most cherished possessions have been left out of trunks, which have been carefully locked and strapped, and are ready for instant departure.”

~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, 1889


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