Comic Con Report from the Author-Side ~ Sunday (the last)

The last day of Comic Con and I managed to haul my sorry self out of bed for a swim, no Kevin Bacon sightings today. I saved my favorite silly gingham dress for last, paired with a crochet teacake for a hat.

1_2012-07-15 at 13.14.59

The AB and I wandered, once last time, around the Exhibition Hall saying goodby to what friends we could find. Soon enough the experience taxed my crowd coping reserves. At which point the AB ~ with Floote-like skill ~ sourced a beverage stall and acquired a nice cup of tea for me. It doesn’t take much to make Gail a happy girl.

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Wandering the hallways towards my afternoon panel, I was approached by the Littlest Spiderman for a photo. So cute and so polite. Not everyone asks, you know?

3_2012-07-15 at 13.17.19
(I am conscious of other’s reasonable fears of photos of children on line, so if you are the owner of this spider kid and would like me to take this photo down, please don’t hesitate to ask.)

After that, it was time for the Foes with Fur and Fangs panel. Just prior to arriving at the door, I realized I had lost my badge. Sometime after the spider kid photo, during the half block’s walk . . . poof. I sent the AB off to GRT to see if he could alert someone. Meanwhile, my handler-man turned up, saw me safely installed in the panel room, and went off to make me a new badge. Just before the panel started, a different GRT member appeared up with my original badge which had been found and returned to them. They had alerted the AB to this fact, so he wandered off. (Hence no pictures of this panel.) My handler also had a new badge for me by the end of the panel. Their efficiency was AMAZING!

Back to the panel. Sadly I was so out of it by Sunday, I don’t remember much. Plus, I always feel a little awkward amongst contemporary urban fantasy writers. I don’t know why, I guess the steampunk community is my safety net. Anyway, our moderator was great, asked lots of fun questions, and things seems lively and well received. You don’t have to take my word for it, here’s an audience member’s perspective on this panel.

4_2012-07-15 at 16.03.43

After that, it was off for a signing session with all the other authors form the panel. I was once more charmed by how chattery and personable my readers were, not that I would cast dispersions on anyone else’s readers, but mine are, obviously, the best evah!

Then I nipped outside for an interview with Lauren Zurchin of Lytherus. She was charming and I nattered away, as I tend to do in interviews, well over time.

Then the AB and I snuck off for dinner with old friends of mine from the convention circuit before I was a pro. Back to the hotel there was some talk of things I was supposed to do, and places I ought to put in an appearance. But utterly exhausted we settled on a trio of creme brulee and a nice glass of wine while we watched the sun set.

2012-07-15 at 16.54.11

All-in-all, I’m calling Comic Con a pretty darn successful convention. I was a little overwhelmed by the numbers and the Hollywood-ish-ness of it all. But i did feel prepared, I’m glad I did the research and grateful to friends and fellow authors who advised me before (and during) on how to cope. For those who have kindly asked, I don’t know if I will do it again on my own dime. I certainly wouldn’t do it without my adorable travel companion, and the AB has a very tight work schedule that doesn’t permit us to travel together all that much. A once in a lifetime thing, perhaps?


An odd final punctuation to the convention was the USA today paper popped under my hotel door that Monday. What should be on the front page? An article on steampunk. So it goes.


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Quote of the Day:

“In the club there was a sign saying NO DOGS OR NANNIES BEYOND THIS POINT. Things were like that. It wasn’t peculiar, bit it was the order of it the really upset me. I thought it was so insulting to my nanny.”

~ Felicity Wakefield, Egypt 1956

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