Too Funny Not to Post ~ the Convention Commandments Babled (Important for Writers)


So my French publishing house reposted my 10 Comic Con commandments, and then, since I don’t speak french, I translated them using google translate. It’s hilarious. Thus, one last time I present them too you here, Gentle Reader.

Gail Carriger has also participated in this event and, on this occasion, has issued the Ten Commandments that were followed during the four days she would go to the San Diego Convention:

1. You will apply a policy network and will agree schedules and meeting places with other participants.

2. You make friends in the queue and you will speak loud when you will leave the (so no sting you in your place), so that all may know that you come back (but you do not appliqueras this method if there are only fifteen minutes).

3. You do parcourras point while the exhibition hall in one day (because, as Tom says Galloway, visiting all the stands is equivalent to walking at least 6.5 km).

4. You’ll remember the location of toilets and sanctify them.

5. You will bear the pinnacle of the survival tips from other authors (and other third parties).

6. Thou shalt put sunscreen and comfortable shoes bear.

7. Thou shalt not take a taxi or rickshaw without a specific address in mind. (And if you would take a rickshaw, you will not forget the point of negotiating the price in advance).

8. You will go ahead half an hour or an hour to reach your goal, whatever it is.

9. You do poseras point of silly questions to security guards (the stormtroopers you will be more helpful).

10. Thou shalt not covet an abundance of goods (or you and you anticiperas muniras prepaid packages).

My favorite is the bathroom one. Sanctify my brothers and sisters! Sanctify!

Just FYI, Gentle Reader, there may be a bit of a pause in blogging for the next few weeks. I’ve got some serious edits to enact upon Deportment & Deceit. Watch me whip the sucker into shape. Or don’t watch me, cause I won’t be online much. But, worry not, I shall be triumphant! Gail for the editing gold! Duum duum da dum da dum dum. Dum de de de, da da da, da da dah da da.

Can you tell I’ve be watching the Olympics?


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