Gail Carriger’s Favorite 5 Author Industry Resources in 2012 (Important for Writers)

So I’m a writer, you may, somehow have guessed this, Gentle Reader. What this means is that I spend most of my time clickity-clacking on a keyboard, staring hopelessly at a computer screen, distracting myself with vast quantities of caffeine alone in a tiny room surrounded by books, stacks of paper, and 52 pairs of shoes. (In my experience, many writers are quite similar, barring the shoes.)

Still, I’m a social animal and I enjoy connecting with fellow writers and keeping in the loop with the industry. This is a lonely life, aside from my writing dates with J. Daniel Sawyer (and, in the past, Blake Charlton), the occasional august visitor to the Bay Area, and a few conventions. So here is a list of the top five ways I try to follow what’s going on in SF/F publishing.

1. Locus Magazine. The Vanity Fair of my world. Want to write in this genre? Read Locus.
2. The SFWA Bulletin. Best for tracking short story markets, but amazingly useful and absorbing. Agent Anonymous is particularly good.
3. My Agent’s Blog.
4. The SF Signal blog This is pretty much the only blog in my feed that is industry specific, I find it covers most of my needs and use Pornokitsch to keep track of England’s perspective.
5. Industry podcasts (I lumped these together because it’s hard to pick just one). Most of them are hit or miss per episode and you can tell pretty early on in an interview whether it’s for you.

  • Adventures in SciFi Publishing: best for interviews with authors and editors
  • Beyond the Book: targets non-authors, best for inside information as to what’s worrying the big 6 at the moment, kind of like a mini BEA in your ears each week.
  • SF Signal Podcast: author interviews and round table discussions (my favorite)
  • Functional Nerds: SF/F interviews (not only authors)
  • I Should Be Writing: Interviews but Mur’s thoughts, trails, and tribulations as a writer are what I listen for.
  • Litopia: literary agent in London talks authors and industry and, my favorite, legal matters.
  • Agony Column: Interviews, readings, and round table discussions from SF in SF in others. Not SF/F specific, lots will come down the feed so I find myself being very selective.
  • The Roundtable Podcast: Interviews with author broken into two parts, discussion and workshopping. If you are an aspirating author, focus on the workshops segments.
  • Shared Desk: Pip and Tee being outrageous. What more could you ask?
  • Sword & Laser Podcast: Some Author interviews but mainly reviews and reading group discussions connected to Goodreads, an excellent reader perspective. Also talk upcoming releases and some industry thoughts.
  • Your Book is Why Daddy Drinks: amusing analysis of (mainly) popular fiction, focusing on the badly written, from a analytical perspective.
  • And, debunked but still valuable ~ The Survivor Guide to Writing Fantasy: Tee passing out some of the most useful tips in the world, in a most obnoxious manner.

Book News:
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