In Which Gail Is Honored By A Parasol Protectorate Fan Site

I have a fan site! Parasol Protectorate on blogspot!

As you probably know, Gentle Reader, I run a online discussion forum on facebook groups but it’s pretty free form. I merely hop in to share a thought, boot off-topic posts or repeat shares, or see what’s the chatter. And I have a page on facebook, for those who only want information on releases and events. (Yes, I’ve been loosely considering a bi-monthly news letter, but would anyone be interested?)

But this, this is a fan run site. Nicole (@wordforteens on Twitter) started it. I hope many of you will follow it and chat there and have a grand old time. Already, there’s been some fan art, a discussion on fantasy casting, and more.

Right now my life is pretty crazy. I’m working two books at once (researching and writing one & copy-editing the other), gearing up for my last few events of 2012 in Tulsa and Las Vegas, revamping my website, and various other stuff. I’m hoping you will forgive me a little slow down on this blog and play on the new fan site to your hearts content.

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“It is a great convenience to take one’s own bath with one in travelling, since, although they are generally to be obtained in all frequented resorts at a slight weekly charge, as soon as one fest of the beaten track there is often greta difficulty in providing oneself with this necessity of daily life.”
~ Lillias Campbell Davidson, 1889


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