How Could You End the Parasol Protectorate Series? (Occasional FAQ)

Today, Gentle Reader, I am introducing an new occasional series of installments of questions I get constantly. I hope you out there also want the answers to these questions because a great deal of people over email certainly seem to.

How Could You End It?

I’m delighted you liked the series but it is finished at five books. I believe in leaving a party while I am still enjoying it, and, perhaps more importantly, while others are still enjoying my company. I’ve never been a “beat that dead horse, beat it!” kind of author.

Also, I wanted to have one arc completed in case I get run over. Far too many of my favorite authors have died on me without finishing their long running sagas. Or worse, been dropped by their publisher and never finshed a series.

Fire Dancer
I’m looking at you, Ann Maxwell.

I’ve gotten bitter, I now rarely pick up a new series before the author has finished it. I know, this makes me the kind of reader authors and publishers hate. I’m embarased to admit it openly, but I’m a very emotional reader and I can’t help what disappointment has forced me to become. So I finished Alexia’s journey because I wanted the Parasol Protectorate to go out there and pull in new readers, like me, who would only pick up the first book with the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing there was a last one already available.

I hope you will forgive the few loose ends left in Timeless. I did try to tie up as much as possible while keeping it realistic. After all, not everything in life ends with a comforting cup of tea.

Timeless Final

Please do rest assured that familiar friends and faces will turn up in both of my new series. The Finishing School and the Parasol Protectorate Abroad are set in the same universe before and after the Alexia books. You can read the official press release here. One of the great pleasures of writing with immortals is that they are immortal, and so can show up throughout time.

I blog about the writing practicalities in ending a series, and my emotional feelings on the matter.

Thanks again for your affection for my characters.

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  1. Anne D said:

    Oh, as usual, dear. [takes off glasses and polishes them]

    I thought that the Parasol Protectorate series had a perfectly appropriate, right and proper ending.

    Yes, there were loose ends, but there are loose ends in the real world too. Not every story can be tied up into a neat little package; some of them have bits hanging out here and there. It felt as if life, or unlife in some cases, would just go on after the book ended. That works for me.

    I'd love to read more, of course, if the characters want to be written about, but that is, as always, up to you, Dear Author.

  2. Elfy said:

    I liked the ending with a few loose ends, as you said life doesn't simply end for the characters because the books have. It was open ended enough that you could go back to it one day if you really wanted, but finished off enough so that readers (me anyway) were satisfied with it.

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