Latest Parasol Protectorate German Cover ~ Heartless

I think this is the German Cover for Heartless, although I’m not certain, it could be Timeless. I also have no idea what the title translates to.

German Cover Heartless maybe

You can see all my thoughts on the first three German covers here. Not a whole lot has changed. These are also the covers that France is using for their new Mass Market Paperback editions. France consulted me, Germany is less communicative, shall we say.

You might recognize her outfit from a certain stage show in Timeless. I do what I can.


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  1. Riayn said:

    The title translates to Searing Twilight. Another fine example of German publishers changing titles that would have worked just as well, if not better as a direct translation of the English title.
    Timeless in German is Zeitlos, in case you were curious.

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