Top 10 Geeky Things That Have Changed Gail’s Life (Occasional FAQ)

  1. Lap Tops
  2. Microsoft Word
  3. Email
  4. Tamora Pierce
  5. SF/F Conventions
  6. The Lord of the Rings
  7. BBC Costume Dramas
  8. La Femme Nikita
  9. iPods
  10. Podcasts

Book News:
Lil’ Rae of Sunshine is happy with the ending of Timeless.

Quote of the Day:
“Sir Martin Frobisher, an English navigator, born in Yorkshire, time uncertain; died, 1594. He was one of the discoverers of the north-west passage, and fought against the Spanish Armada with determined bravery.”
~ Mangnall’s Questions, 1830

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