Holiday Fun ~ Books as Gifts Part 2 Changeless (Miss Carriger Recommends)

The book basket ideas continue, if you want to know what I’m on about the introduction to this idea is here.

Our example: the Parasol Protectorate books
1. Order signed from Borderlands (Definitely get your request in before Dec 15th, that’s the last time I’ll be able to get in to sign stock for them before the holidays.)
2. Source a vintage looking basket, possibly from a local thrift store
3. Fill with accompanying fun items, many of which might also be found at a thrift store

This basket is themed to Changeless and/or Soulless: The Manga, Vol. 2 (the graphic novel adaptation of Changeless.)

Changeless Madame Lefoux Cross-Dressing and/or Scotland themed

Next up in this blog I’ll do a fantasy book basket idea for Blameless, in the meantime I’m interested in your ideas. Anything you’ve run across that would fit with this theme? Suggestions for good recipes? Other books that might work with this basket?

Book News:
Still basking my the manga’s #1 debut. Otherwise, kinda slow at the moment, busy working on Prudence 24/7.

Quote of the Day:
“A bagel is a doughnut with the sin removed.”
~ George Rosenbaum

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  1. Angelica R. Jackson said:

    Unfortunately, once opened, the bags of chocolate chips do not last long enough in our house to require a clever way of closing them. But perhaps this works for bags of frozen broccoli?

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