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In other news, Gentle Reader, yes I am aware there have been some issues with the blog’s appearance recently. If you are interested in the nitty gitty

I thought that perhaps by switching my primary update from LJ to blogspot, in other words doing the first post there and then transferring the code over, I might work around the fact that the carry over ghosting of this blog on Goodreads is, frankly, an ugly-arsed mess. I also hoped that I could switch permanently to blogspot as my primary since LJ is so unstable as a platform and a business. I forgot that by doing this my blog’s shadow, on my website, would be totally jacked (it doesn’t like blogspot at all and puts a vast amount of space before the first image).

So, I am back to the original set up for the time being: LJ first, LJ to Goodreads and the website, Blogspot a copy of LJ code. Gooodreads looks nasty. In fact, I discovered that no matter what I do Goodreads will look nasty, their HTML requirements are far too simplistic and restrictive. So until they update their platform those of you who consume over Goodreads will have to put up with crazy weird variable sized images. Nash.

Eventually, when my website overhauls this year I will switch to Blogpot as my primary platform. I like their image handling better and they are far more stable. Don’t worry I will maintain LJ in such a way as you may not even know the difference, except that when LJ is down I won’t get all stressed about it. And hopefully, the spee at which I can upload a blog will take less time my end.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .
1917Edward Cucuel - An Outing By Boat [1917]
Edward Cucuel – An Outing By Boat [1917]

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Gain I think Minoan, from the BM
Minoan, from the BM

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Everyday solar powered gadgets

Your Writerly Tinctures . . .
What Does It Really Take to Be a Die-Hard Writer?

Book News:
Video Review of Soulless.

Quote of the Day:
“Luncheons should invariability be laid on the table as lunch, and not as dinner; that is to say, most of the dishes should be on the table and not on the sideboard.”
~ Steel & Gardiner, 1888


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  1. JuLee said:

    I got a blurb on my daily "you might like this because you bought that" from B&N this morning that they are offering a free preview of Etiquette & Espionage for the Nook. I just spent the last half hour reading the first 3 chapters and I am wiggling in anticipation for the rest. Very interesting group of young people you have assembled, I must say. But I guess I will have to wait till Feb. to find out more.

  2. JuLee said:

    I was a bit worried at first about it being YA, and me being, well to be gentle with myself, a tad beyond YA. I found, to my delight, that E&E is not too young for my taste. Thank you.

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