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Thank you all so much for you thoughts on France.

I now have a cute little .doc entitled “France Comfort” full of your words of encouragement and delightful tips. It really did work, I’m feeling much better about the whole thing. The trick seems to be politeness and trying hard at the language. I will mind my Ps and Qs (or Ss and Ms) as it were, as if my Great Grandmother herself were looming over me.

Next up, what to pack? What to wear? Fun fun!

In other news April is Steampunk month on Retro Rack, so if that is your fashion preference feel free to bop over there and check out my images and thoughts and such. April for me is bracketed by two steampunk conventions so naturally my thoughts are focused on the pretties.

Steampunk Squares
Steampunk Hollywood Squares ~ via the Facebooks

I’m plugging away diligently at W&W. I am a little writing machine! (Yes, it’s at the good part of the process.) Eating too many sweets are rewards, especially with France in my future, but it’s my process.

Before France I have Nova Albion in San Jose, CA 26-28th this month. Will I see any of you there? It should be good I have a light schedule and lots of time to socialize. If I’m not at a panel I’ll be in the tea room or the bar, as is expected!


Your Moment of Parasol . . .
1870 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1870 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Book News:
Not only I had a good time at AnomolyCon.

Quote of the Day:
“One pound reward. Lost, a cameo brooch, representing Venus and Adonis on the Drumcondra road, about ten o’clock on Tuesday evening.”
~ Godey’s Lady’s Book and Magazine November 1872

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