Convention Travel – Choosing the Hotel at Larger Events (Important for Writers)

The great question at larger conventions, for me Gentle Reader, is which hotel. This choice rests entirely on my shoes.

I’m a fit individual, I don’t mind walking, but I do mind walking miles on cement in five inch heels (and the heels are non-negotiable). I vastly prefer the smaller conventions where hotel, consuite, party floor, and panel rooms are comfortably intimate.


With larger conventions one must consider proximity: near to the convention center or near to the party hotel? In the case of Denver 2008 WorldCon the party hotel was several blocks away, but there were two nice hotels right next door to the convention center. One was left to ponder: will one be returning to ones room more frequently during the day, or would one prefer not to stumble several blocks at night before and after parties? Save ones feet (often a matter of whether there is good food inside the convention center) or save ones dignity? Will there be good society, plus other important events, to draw one out to the party hotel during the day, thus making it the more logical choice for ones room? Or is it better to be nearer the convention center and daily activities?

Then one must consider which hotel will be the pro hotel. This is the place were the parties go to die, where all the editors hang out, and where one is most likely to end up bumping into movers and shakers in the industry. It’s rarely the party hotel, usually the hotel with the best bar, and often the closest to the convention center. This is the hotel one will be dashing off to, in four-inch spikes with no regard for ones blisters, late for lunch with one’s agent after a particularly enthralling panel on black holes.


Then there are other choices to make. The fancier room with breakfast included, jet tub, but only a sofa bed for ones possible companion? The cheaper room with two beds but no refrigerator and few amenities? Does one stay the first night and the last or only one of the options or neither?

Well, Gentle Reader, I leave the decision up to you.

For myself Denver was a learning experience. Over the last four years I have invested in cute, light weight oxford flats in a range or colors to match my outfits. I wear them to walk (or run) between hotels, and then change into the heels when I arrive. As a result, I’ve also invested in vintage purses large enough to hold said flats once I get to my destination. If the party hotel is too far away from the center of activity I may decide not to attend at all. And I usually try to book my room in the closest hotel to the center regardless of the convention’s room-block arrangements.


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Hotel and Travelling Expenses
“MR PUNCH,—We have seen by the Times how extortionate hotel-keepers can be occasionally. In order to add my testimony in the matter, and with a view to assist in finding a remedy, I have been looking over a file of accounts which, from time to time, I have paid for my son. The following document speaks for itself; it is a relic of a tour made by my son to the Highlands of Scotland. The following seems to have been incurred between 6 P.M. and 8 A.M. next day—
s. d.
Dinner (Kailbrose and haggis) 1 6
428 of 704 1/6/13 11:55 AMThe Project Gutenberg eBook of Punch, Volume XXV. http://www.gutenberg.org/files/32352/32352-h/32352-h.htm
“Ale 20
” Whiskey (4 Mutchkins) 3 0 Supper (Finnan Haddies) 0 3
” Toddy 14 0
” Cigars 30
Mornin’s 2 6
£1 6 3
“I am, Mr. Punch, yours, &c.,
~ Punch 1853 September

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