Gail Carriger’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure Movies (Miss Carriger Recommends)

I tend to think of certain movies as good flavor movies.

Which is to say, Gentle Reader, if I I have a bad day or see a movie that really upsets me, I can go home and pop in one of these and it will make me feel better. They live at the very front of my DVD binder for easy access. For some reason I don’t have books that function the same way ~ perhaps books tap into a different part of the psyche.

Ever After ~ I have no idea why this Cinderella retelling featuring Drew Barrymore and Angelica Houston is so appealing, but it is. It could be that it ties back to my childhood love for the Slipper and the Rose. It also features Melanie Lynskey as one of the stepsisters, my choice of casting for Ivy Hisselpenny. The dialogue is stilted, the costuming questionable, and the accents atrocious but none of that seems to matter ~ watching this movie never fails to make me feel better.

Latter Days ~ Possibly the most romantic film ever made: party boy redeemed through the love of a good . . . Mormon? Yeah. Bring it. I can re-watch the ending scene where Christian drops the tray in surprise over and over again. Who knew the sexiest words in existence were “I hate the snow”?

Bend it Like Beckham ~ Girl power comedy featuring romantic interest Jonathan Rhys Myers in full on pouty-lipped tortured Irish mode. Who could ask for anything more? Not to mention in indomitable Juliet Stevenson as the white trash mother (or the British equivalent of white trash) trying to understand sports. In addition, we get: interracial difficulties, spunky girls with something to prove, gay best friend, makeover, sister bonding, victorious sports action, Bollywood dance, and beautiful saris. I find it odd anyone would not love this movie.

So those are my picks, and now, I’m dieing of curiosity. What are yours?


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  1. Angelica R. Jackson said:

    Mine would be the Firthy Porn version of Pride and Prejudice–always watch that version when I'm sick. Also, Secret of Roan Inish and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Oh, and Up.

  2. Jennifer said:

    I adore Bend it Like Beckham.
    Rocketeer – I never get tired of watching the movie and reading the comics.

    Knights Tale – Old time jousting with rousing rock anthems

  3. booktasty said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the above mentioned Firth version of Pride and Prejudice and the version of Northanger Abbey with JJ Fields. They always get at least one watch when I'm on Xmas Break or when I'm just in in need of comfort! 🙂 Not that I'm really guilty of them…I will shout those loves from the rooftops! 🙂 One I am a little embarrassed of though is Ella Enchanted…the effects are pretty bad and some of the acting is iffy! But I love it!

  4. Kate Grieco said:

    One of my guilty pleasures would be the verison of King Arthur w/ Clive Owen. Men…men…and more manly men on horseback. There is a little something for everyone if ya catch my drift.

  5. Elisabeth said:

    I would turn to the Grant&Firth-section of my DVD collection (I guess it also could be called the Curtis/Davies-section). Any of the following, depending on my mood: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill, Love Actually, Bridget Jones or, if I have the time, the BBC-version of Pride and Prejudice… or the Rock of Ages movie.

    Now, miss Carriger, brilliant casting suggestions for Soulless. I guess the only way for a Sean Bean-character to survive a whole movie would be to make him immortal.

  6. grooveyerbouti said:

    Splash its good ok.Nightshift & Never been Kissed you know all the masculine ones.lol.As for casting i'm not good at that but Drew Barrymore because she should have at least a cameo in all films.

  7. Goddess said:

    Ever After is totally on my list too. Also, Howls Moving Castle. I can always go back to it. It never fails me. The North and South BBC series is another that I can always count on. Richard Armitage is incredible as John Thornton. I do tend to have books that I go back to as well… House of Many Ways (from the howls moving castle trilogy) is a favorite palette cleanser for me. Also, the first Hunger Games book is a comfort book for me oddly enough.

  8. Willie Johnson said:

    One of my guilty pleasure movies (so different from everything else) The Fifth Element. I love that movie for some reason and can watch it anytime.

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