7 Things Gail Can’t Do Anything About


1. World peace
2. Various online vendors spelling her name Gaila
3. The fact that the first three Parasol Protectorate audiobooks are not available in UK territories
4. Acquiring details (trains, or hotels) for her France trip, two weeks away
6. Family
7. 2 broken key# on her l#ptop (now you know which) ~ vital to English language, it turns out (I’m using copy & paste function)

*Insert OCD Gail freak out here*

No, really I’ve tried EVERYTHING. I know you think, Gentle Reader that you’re the lone queen of solution, but I tried it. I did.

Plee hold on for convention update.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .
1885-1890 The Metropolitan Museum of Art
1885-1890 The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Infusion of Cute . . .
Alexia & MLF

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
Level cufflinks at
Level cufflinks at

Book News:
Gathering PP Japanese English

Quote of the Day:

“MR. PUNCH,—I have been, I may say from my birth—leastwise since I could stand upon a stool—a barber. I’ve brought up a large family (and am married again) upon shaving. To be clean shaved was the prerogative of a Briton. And now there is a movement for German beards and Cossack moustachios, which, if permitted, farewell to the British Constitution. When we look like Roossian slaves and Austrian panders, we shall feel and act like ’em. Anyways, if beards come in, barbers must go out, in which case I ask for ‘demnification.
“Yours, &c.” “SIBTHORP SUDS.”
“The COLONEL—(my parent was a Lincoln voter and barber)—is my godfather; which happened when the COLONEL used to go, I’m told, with as clean a face as any in the county.”

~ Punch November 1853

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  1. frostfire said:

    Broken keys are such a bother, aren't they? And it's never something like "Z" or "Q", it's always ones you need quite regularly. Meh.

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