Gail is in France!

Well, my dear Gentle Reader, I am off to foreign climes. I’ll be traveling from May 15 ~ June 7 in France. The first half will be work, and the second half vacation. I’ll be checking in online, periodically, but mostly unable to respond to anything until I get back.


If you would like to see me while I am there, I will be in St. Malo for Etonnants Voyageurs Festival May 18 ~ 20, and then in Epinal for Imaginales Festival May 23 ~ 25.

When I’m not at panels or eating, I can probably be found at the Calmann/Orbit booth signing and chatting. I’d love love love to see you!

Etonnants Voyageurs Festival in St. Malo

* Signing in the Libraire L’Atlante (we thingk) Booth 84 *

May 18, Saturday
2:15 pm Panel: “Le Retour des vampires” = “Vampires are back”
Maison de l’Imaginaire

May 19, Sunday
4:45 ~ 5:30 pm Panel: “Gothic Girls”
Nouveaux Mondes, Room 2

May 20, Monday
9:00 am Breakfast with Fans
Café L’Univers, Grande Terrasse

Imaginales Festival in Epinal

* Signing in the La Bulle du Livre (the main festival room) *

May 23, Thursday
10:00 am Panel: “coup d’envoi des Imaginales”, which means “Welcome to Imaginales!”.
Espace Cours
Ken Scholes, Lucius Shepard

May 24, Frday
4:00 pm Panel “All kinds of creatures”
Magic Mirrors 2

May 25, Saturday
9:00 am Breakfast Kaffeklutch
Noon ~ 1:00 pm “La fantasy urbaine, réenchanter notre époque” or “Urban Fantasy, how to re-enchant our time”.
Magic Mirrors 2
4:00 pm Q&A/Reading: “Meeting Gail Carriger”
Magic Mirrors 1
5.00 pm Panel: “Femmes et Fantasy, du faire-valoir à la femme” or “Women and Fantasy, from a foil to an action woman”
Magic Mirrors 1

May 26, Sunday
6:00 pm Panel: “One for the Road”
Magic Mirrors 1


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Quote of the Day:
“My hands are perfumed with her delicious limbs, and I cannot wash off the scent. And every moment the thought comes across me of those mysterious recesses of beauty where my hands have been wandering.”
~ Reverend Charles Kingsley, 1840 (AKA the author of The Water Babies)

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