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Off to Omaha soon, Gentle Reader. It should be fun, I’ve never done an event there before. OSFest is a small SF/F convention that takes place at the Ramada Plaza Hotel (3321 72nd St. Omaha, NE 68124 apart from that I know very little about it. So, expect a full report when I get home. The trill of the unknown! The start of an adventure.

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My parents used to jimmy me out of bed at an ungodly hour every spring for our annual camping trip to Yosemite.  I would complain vociferously about the early departure (I’ve never been a morning person, both my parents are). My mom used to say that “all adventures start early in the morning, darling, now come along.” Since I’ve attained authordom and jet about for events I’m finding this to be true. So, I’m up to leave for Omaha at 7am tomorrow. Adventure must be ahead…

Friday  July 26, 2013

5:30 pm Feminism & Publishing 
Colorado D
Can we bring genre feminism to publishing when there is still a stigma attached to non-traditional publishing? Let’s explore how to bring equality to writing (especially in genre).

7:00 pm Opening Ceremonies
Omaha F

Saturday July 27, 2013

10:30 am Steampunk Costuming for Ladies
Omaha D
The SSoN ladies will cover a myriad of subjects pertaining to ladies attire in the Steampunk genre subjects from britches or skirts to hats and accessories to selection and wear of corsets!

1:30 pm How Writers Write
Colorado D
Ever wonder how a writer manages to complete a manuscript? You may be surprised! Talk with writers about how they manage to get the job done, piece together a manuscript and avoid writer’s block.

3:00 pm Tough Women: Heroines and Villains
Colorado D
Tough women abound in genre. Let’s talk about our favorite heroines, villains, anti-heroines, and everyone in between.

4:30-6:00 pm Author’s Alley
Public Signing (open to non-convention attendees)

Sunday July 28, 2013

10:30 am Tea & Social (possible)
Con Suite
Hosted by the Steampunk Society of Nebraska

Noon: Reading/ Q&A
Colorado B

As usual I’ll be milling about socializing Friday and Saturday evenings, I hope to catch up with many of you there. You know me, I do love the gossip.

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1900 Japan, ca. 1900

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

Long Wool Sofa by Sentient Furniture

Your Tisane of Smart . . .
IKEA LED Lamp For Illuminating Storage Drawers

Your Writerly Tinctures . . . 
The Secrets of Body Language [Note: useful information when writing dialogue between characters]

Book News:

Tumblr eatingfireflies fan art Alessandro Tarabotti

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  1. Wendy L. Callahan said:

    I just moved from England to Nebraska, and it is really pretty here! Haven't explored Omaha yet, and I did hope to make it up to see you speak this weekend. Alas, that won't happen.

    So here's hoping you have a wonderful time and the trip goes well for you!

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