29 Times Gail Blogs Steampunk Fashion

I have many posts on steampunk over on my fashion blog. I thought perhaps you all might be interested in the collection.

Gail Carriger second 5 years steampunk outfits

Some are mostly photographs from steampunk conventions, a few are DIY blogs, and my favorite focus specifically on the more Victorian side of the equation. These are all taken from my wikia’s section on Steampunk: The Aesthetic.

  1. Thrifting for Victorian Garb, Introduction
  2. Thrifting for Victorian Garb, Womenswear
  3. Thrifting for Victorian Garb, Menswear
  4. Proper Foundation Garments, Part 1: The Full Details
  5. Proper Foundation Garments, Part 2: The Low Down
  6. Proper Foundation Garments, Part 3: Corsets!
  7. Men of Steampunk
  8. A review of my steampunk outfit collection
  9. My Steampunk Meets Retro Outfit in London
  10. My Collection of Steampunk Accessories
  11. Steampunk Month on Retro Rack
  12. My Octopus Collection
  13. Timeline of Inspiration ~ Outfits
  14. Timeline of Inspiration ~ Accessories
  15. Daily Wear ~ My Clothing
  16. DIY ~ Steampunk Pocket Belt
  17. DIY ~ Steampunk Holster for Tiliting Folding Parasol
  18. Packing Steampunk
  19. In Denver in the Spoons
  20. In Santa Clara in Teal
  21. In Santa Clara in Brown & Cream
  22. In Santa Clara in Cream
  23. In Santa Clara in Iridescent
  24. Nova Albion ~ Fashionable Others
  25. Nova Albion ~ Fashionable Objects
  26. 5 Fashionable Things Gail Learned at Nova Albion

Want more?

All About Steampunk Fashion from Author & Style Maven Gail Carriger

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Your Moment of Parasol . . .

1900-1905 Tiffany & Co. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

via Stewart C. and made by TLB Cakes

Quote of the Day:

“Truth is like a figgy pudding in a strange diner: I know it exists but I have no idea what it really is.”
from @brianrathbone, altered by via J. Daniel Sawyer (@dsawyer) on Twitter

Self in various Dark Garden Corsets

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