10 Favorite WorldCon 2013, San Antonio Moments

Top Ten Favorite Things About WorldCon, San Antonio

1. The pool at the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, I wish I’d had the energy to use it more than once
2. Immediately running into Chris Garcia in the Green Room
3. Seeing all the familiar faces from FenCon
4. Amy & Paul’s rocking NASA cocktail party


via/with Francesca Myman (Locus Magazine) and Catherine (Cady) Coleman, astronaut

5. Spreading terrible rumors and schmoozing with old friends, mostly at the bar in the Marriott Rivercenter (Devi, Carrie, Myke, David, Patrick, Mur, Paolo, John, Fran, Liza, Howard, Adam, Robert, Betsy, Jason, Phil, Ann, Lawrence, Eileen & Ray, Joshua, to name but a few)
6. Hanging out at the Locus Booth in the dealer’s room
7. Wearing my new silver sparkly dress to Drinks with Authors and watching the handstands
8. Panels: Fantastic London; Steampunk: Trend or Genre?; Intricate Worlds; my Kaffeeklatsch


Non-fiction Books Panel

9. Meeting people for the first time in person: (Stina, Justin, Paul, Rudy, Liz, Wes, Will, Charlaine, Sam, to name but a few)
10. Kidnapping various willing strays for proper tea


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