Packing Author Related Items (Important for Writers)

I’ve been blogging a bit recently over what I pack and how, Gentle Reader. This post is about what I take with me to conventions, signings and other events that’s specifically author related.


I have a leather envelope bag for panels that is long enough to hold everything, but if I’m traveling carry-on I don’t take it. It’s decorated with an bike brake for a steampunk look but gets suspicious treatment at TSA. I had an employee put the strap on for me back in my leather working days. I also tend to bring my own name tent. It’s just easier.



Fortunately for me, Orbit kindly sends me completed cover art proofs, without the pages, which I can use as standies at events. They are light, pack easily, travel well, and don’t get stolen. Although my Soulless one is currently missing. I thinks it’s a little gauche to put out too many standies, and at some conventions one shouldn’t display any at all, but at most events one or two is OK if other authors do it first. I often use mine at signings, especially those wide-white-table doomy kind, when I need the company.

The Creature


I have a cannibalized “creature” reading copy. Which is all the sections of the various Parasol Protectorate books that I like to read out loud, glued into a Frankenstein’s monster book. Ugly, but useful when there’s the weight issue when traveling to consider. This is way better than carrying 9 books! Now, however, I’m on to the new series so I usually carry an ARC for reading on that one day, or I’ll read from a short story or other project. Frankly, I prefer Q&As or kaffeeklatschs to readings, I figure no one wants me just to read at them, that’s what the audiobook if for, interaction is more fun.

Computer Kit

My computer accessories live in a divided makeup bag which I find works great for traveling or the cafe. (For abroad, I have an additional kit with adapters and converters.) This bag has three pockets for cords and holds chargers, mini-mouse, and other needs including backup ear buds, squid flash drive, and the like. Yes I still trek with a land line to USB because hotels are surprisingly backwards in the matter of wireless.

Which is one of the reasons that these days I don’t always bring my computer (I flat out refuse to pay $15 or more a day for internet access in a $150 a night hotel room, outrageous!), so I just work off of my smart phone in which case I only need the following to charge phone, iPod, and Kindle.

And here’s Lifehacker on the subject.


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