8 Most Annoying Things About Hotels from Frequent Traveler Gail Carriger

As a frequent traveler I usually find most of my needs are met on the road, with the possible exception of decent caffeinated beverages. Some needs can be met by a call to the concierge but nevertheless I find the consistency of certain issues annoying. So here, for me, are the …

8 Most Annoying Things About Hotels

  1. bright bed-side clocks
  2. curtains that don’t block light
  3. lack of top sheet
  4. not enough hangers
  5. not enough bathroom counter space
  6. not enough bathroom hooks
  7. lack of full length mirror
  8. lights that never light up the things you need to see (like the inside of the closet)

In other news, the AB made me watch Godzilla vs. Megagodzilla the other night. With my voice still not recovered from WorldCon I’ve been wandering around the house ever since making pathetic screechy noises, bumping into things, and waggling my elbows and hands at the AB with every opportunity. I think he may regret his choice of movie soon.

Bbrrawaaaawawaaaaerreee! Gail Godzilla! Squeeeeeeeremeremeeeree!


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  1. Michael Jessop said:

    Mecha-godzilla… Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla. 🙂 I only say that with love as I am a HUGE Godzilla fan. Can't wait for Godzilla 2014!!!! Almost as anxious for it as your next book!

  2. Pat D said:

    How about no place to put your suitcase? In addition to no counter space in the bathroom. Were these rooms designed by sadists?

  3. June said:

    I certainly agree with "not enough bathroom counter space". The most illogical thing about this feature was that the hotel I was in had the space to make it bigger but elected not to use it for aesthetic reasons (one presumes).

    I turn bright bedside clocks to face another way, and that works fairly well.

    The sushi pandas are gorgeous.

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