New Parasol Protectorate Short Story in The Book of the Dead!

So in addition to making the short story Fairy Debt available to you in ebook form, I have a bran spanking new Parasol Protectorate Universe short coming out in The Book of the Dead a Jurassic London anthology. (UK based but yes you can get it in the US.) The anthology contains 19 new stories all featuring mummies, accompanied by original illustrations. And it’s dedicated to the indomitable Amelia B. Edwards.

Yes, there will be an ebook and paperback of the whole anthology.
No, nothing is available online yet except the special edition hard back.

illustration by Garen Ewing

My story is called:

The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t, The Mummy that Was, and the Cat in the Jar

This is this story’s first time in print anywhere.

It stars Alessandro Tarabotti!

If you have ever wondered about Alessandro’s character, his relationship with Floote, the origin of the God Breaker Plague, or how he met Alexia’s mother this is the story for you.

Plus it’s a sneak peak and some puzzles Prudence is up against in The Parasol Protectorate Abroad series.

The Book of the Dead releases as a paperback (c. trade size) and ebook on 29 October (links to come). I’ll blog more about those editions then, but first…

Right now a special limited edition hardcover is available for pre-order.

This is an ultra fancy hard back comes mummy wrapped and bundled with the ebook so collectors don’t even have to crack the casing. (However, entombed within is an exclusive additional illustration that will not appear in any other edition or format.)

There will be only 100 hand-numbered hardcover copies ~ with gold-embossed titles, midnight blue buckram covers, dark cream endpapers bound in cloth. Each copy will be sealed in wax and impress it with the cartouche of the Egypt Exploration Society.

the seal

Hardcover, pre-orders: £29.99 each.
Purchases limited to 2 per person.

Because I know many of my readers are US based, I managed to finagle a “secret” checkout code TEMPLAR for 20% off. This will be the only discount available for this particular edition and, if nothing else, it will help defray the cost of US shipping.

A portion of all proceeds from sales of The Book of the Dead will be donated to the Egypt Exploration Society. This is the UK’s oldest independent funder of archaeological fieldwork and research in Egypt, dedicated to the promotion and understanding of ancient Egyptian history and culture. (That’s partly how they got me to give them this story, my little archaeologist soul couldn’t resist. I don’t often do anthologies but this was extenuating circumstances. Or should I say excavating circumstances?)

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction: “Some Words from an Egyptologist” by John J. Johnston (Egypt Exploration Society)
  • “Ramesses on the Frontier” by Paul Cornell
  • “Escape from the Mummy’s Tomb” by Jesse Bullington
  • “Old Souls” by David Thomas Moore
  • “Her Heartbeat, An Echo” by Lou Morgan
  • “Mysterium Tremendum” by Molly Tanzer
  • “Tollund” by Adam Roberts
  • “The Curious Case of the Werewolf that Wasn’t, The Mummy that Was and the Cat in the Jar” by Gail Carriger
  • “The Cats of Beni Hasan” by Jenni Hill
  • “Cerulean Memories” by Maurice Broaddus
  • “Inner Goddess” by Michael West
  • “The Roof of the World” by Sarah Newton
  • “Henry” by Glen Mehn
  • “The Dedication of Sweetheart Abbey” by David Bryher
  • “All is Dust” by Den Patrick
  • “Bit-U-Men” by Maria Dahvana Headley
  • “Egyptian death and the afterlife: mummies (Rooms 62-3)” by Jonathan Green
  • “Akhenaten Goes to Paris” by Louis Greenberg
  • “The Thing of Wrath” by Roger Luckhurst
  • “Three Memories of Death” by Will Hill

Illustrated by Garen Ewing
Edited by Jared Shurin

As you can see I am in fine company.

The Book of the Dead will be published on 29 October in three formats:

Limited edition (100 copies, exclusive through – ISBN: 978-0-09576462-47
Paperback (available worldwide through Amazon and other retailers) – ISBN: 978-0-9576462-5-4
Ebook (available worldwide through Amazon, Kobo and other retailers) – ISBN: 978-0-9576462-6-1

I’ll let you know as soon as the other links become available.

More information at Jurassic London.

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Book News:
What a new Alessandro short story isn’t enough?

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  1. Anna Parikka said:

    Loving this! Btw, do you know why the first three books in Parasol Protectorate series are not available outside US/UK in ebook form from Amazon? I could get them in iBooks (so it can't be a rights issue?), but then I can't read them on my kindle…

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