Soulless Vol 3 Manga, Will There Be More?

Many people ask where the rest of the manga is? And here’s the answer.

Today (November 19, 2013) the third volume in the manga adaptation of my books hits store in print form. Soulless Vol. 3 is the adaptation of Blameless, and will be the last in the series.

Wait! Did you say Vol #3 is the last installment of the manga?

Yes. REM is a little burnt out on the project, it’s been years of her drawing my characters, and I imagine she wants to draw her own (or something else, or nothing at all) for a while! I understand her feelings entirely and think Blameless makes a good ending for the manga. Plus, she included a special bonus ending. Also, frankly, it was a little odd to think about how to manga-up an inconvenienced Alexia for Heartless.

I think the first three hold as a trilogy. I’m happy with the decision, but since the manga creation process has been nothing but fun for me, I am a little sad to see that aspect end. I know many of you will be disappointed, unfortunately it is what it is.

I know you might be upset, but I do hope you understand why. And remember the last two books are waiting for you in their original form.

Also I made this blog post just for you:

10 Graphic Novels You’ll Enjoy if You Loved Soulless the Manga

Madame Lefoux and Alexia cabinet card from Soulless Vol. 3

Tell us more about Soulless Vol. 3

I think this one may be the best. Perhaps it’s because Madame Lefoux gets so much screen time. Perhaps it’s the adventure format with dashing across Europe giving REM ample opportunity to exercise her mad landscape and steampunk skills. Perhaps it’s the happy ending, and an extra little dose of pleasure that came directly from REM’s imagination and which will satisfy many fans in ways I never did.

Is the series popular in Japan?

(via LadyAvalon in my Reddit AMA)

I believe the books are popular in Japan. My publishing house there is quick to do the translations and they were one of the first to buy the series: both good signs. But I don’t know for certain.

The manga has nothing to do with my Japanese translations. It’s done by Yen, one of a few American-based manga houses (hence the reason the book is read from left to right).

How’d the manga of Soulless came to be?

The head publisher of Yen and I met at BEA in 2009 and he complemented Soulless. I love manga so I got excited over his books. He hinted if I were ever interested in a graphic novel of my work… Was I ever! After Soulless did well, we pinged him to see if they were still interested in a manga adaptation and they were. They found REM, my amazing artist, and ta-da! I feel super lucky, it’s rare for any author to get a graphic novel adaptation unless they are crazy popular like George R.R. Martin. However, Japanese publishers remain uninterested in the manga. But recently the manga sold into translation to both France and Germany.

What about a manga of The Finishing School Books?

No word and, so far, no interest. I’d certainly be open to the possibility, although nervous that nothing could equal what a wonderful experience I had with the Parasol Protectorate adaptations.

Conall & Lyall cabinet card.

What else is going on?

1. I just returned home from Canada and my last event of 2013 (so much catch up to come).
2. Curtsies & Conspiracies made #5 on NYT YA Hardback bestseller list, THANK YOU so much for buying it!
3. I have an interview in Parade Magazine all about Curtsies.
4. We’re training a cat.

More on manga?

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  1. NessaRose said:

    I finally got my copy today (shipping to Germany takes a while) and I just love it <3 But I am also very sad to see it end. Is there any news about the progress of the TV series?

  2. Ian Compton said:

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I enjoy your Soulless manga series immensely, and am more than a bit upset that it won't be completed. Perhaps you might consider another artist picking up where REM left off, and seeing if the different drawing style is as well-recieved? I would dearly love to see a full five-volume set of the manga series. Please consider it.

  3. Shannon Smith said:

    Hi there! I know this is a old post but I can't help but have my hopes up by coming back to your page maybe to find news about the manga series. I know you ended with the third book and I just can't see someone doing that. I've never found myself messaging a author about their books before. Myself and many other fans have fallen in love with your story and characters that by the manga ending we don't want to let them go. Maybe getting another artist is the way to go like some people have said but I personally would love to see REM finish off the manga. But you can't force people to do things. But the fans would love to see the manga series come to its rightful end. With all five books. I know it's asking a lot of you but maybe think about it?

    ~Sending Love~

  4. Gail Carriger said:

    Hello, I am sorry but it really does seem very unlikely. We parted on very friendly terms but I just don't see it happening. I wish I had better news for you.

  5. FaeDreamer said:

    I was really excited when I came across the manga versions of your books today. I'm a visual person and am totally passionate about historic fashion. I'm sad to know there will only be three manga.

    Have you considered adding illustrations to your novels rather than an entirely illustrated book? I've seen some great fantasy books with small illustrations scattered throughout, usually at the beginning of chapters. I think that is the best of both worlds because you get so much more out of the full text but still have the charm of images. Although I think maybe I just selfishly want to see what the dresses look like LOL. Just a thought.

  6. Gemma ND Sheldrake said:

    I had to search the net because I had asked Rem about this but never got a reply, It's a sad shame as I love her adaptation of your story but good to know it'll be a trilogy. (I wish the JPN covers were available for the English version as they're so much more gorgeous!)

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