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So the very last event I did in 2013 was Pure Speculations a small SF/F convention in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It afforded me the opportunity to renew old acquaintances, make new ones, and see a Real Winter for the first time in at least a decade.

I packed knowing the temperatures were likely to be lower than any I have ever encountered. This meant the leopard accessory set, big boots, and my huge Pink Moving Blanket Coat of Doom.

I did realize something, however. There comes a point, bellow a certain temperature, where it just plain feels too cold, and I (at least) stop being able to determine how must too cold it is.

The leopard accessories had an interesting local result. People kept asking me if I was cosplaying Edith Prickley, which confused me since I had never heard of her. Apparently, Edith Prickley is “a character in all six seasons of the Canadian sketch comedy series SCTV created and played by Andrea Martin” known for her love of leopard.

 I can certainly see what they mean.

I arrived at the hotel only to find a little bit of home waiting for me in the bathroom.

The more I travel the more I become a connoisseur of hotel toiletry scents. I find I like something with a bit of citrus, nothing too flowery. These were quite nice. (Although nothing beats those few places that offer Crabtree & Evelyn. When I was little in England this line only came in violet, lavender, rose and other equally old fashioned scents, but they now offer this honey coriander option that I can’t get enough of. I always pinch it from the hotel.)

Anyway, I arrived safe and sound after an utterly painless flight, participated in evening events and then woke up the next morning to see this out my window:

The Canadians I met seemed to feel a certain  quiet pride meets humble acceptance of their ability to survive (what I heard several describe as) two seasons: winter and construction. This thin-skinned California girl was a mite perturbed but the whole blanket of white. I was, however, charmed to find evidence of royalist roots in rather more British candy available than we get State-side. Although, many still didn’t know what marmite was, so that hasn’t transferred over (or it didn’t survive).

Gail with Adam and Scott of the Unknown Studio podcast via @clinton_o

Saturday I had a full day of panels, including an interview with the boys from the Unknown Studio Podcast, available for you all to listen to, should you wish to do so.

That evening hosted a Steampunk Ball and I managed to carry-on a limited outfit that included the spoons corset. I find that one is so iconic, it’s best to wear it to any new venue. Spoons are EXPECTED.

Gail & Silverius @silvermattereye on twitter

Entertainment included an umbrella dance (I choose to think of them as parasols). Made me think that such a thing really ought to be included in one of my books.

During the course of the day, I mentioned at some point that I hadn’t had Saskatoon berries before and the very next day @teajane brought squares (kind of like cake meets cobbler) and jam for me to try, and a gentleman brought me Saskatoon cherry jam. All were delicious, but I’m afraid I had to leave the jam behind with my hosts because of the liquid limit in carry-ons. I tell this story as an example of Canadian hospitality. Which is amazing! (Saskatoons tasted like the love child of blueberry and black current, to me.)

Gail & Graeme

Sunday, more panels and hijinks ensued. What can I say? We were getting punch drunk.

I must say I am overwhelmed by the presents people bring me at events. It’s a good thing I have an office now to keep it all in! I’m going to have to learn how to pack with extra room though, fitting everything into my carry-on is quite challenging. Ah, author problems, so challenging.

Clinton, Gail & Mike

Speaking of which, here endith my 2013 pilgrimages! 2014 is already filled and I’ve started updating my Events page (though not finished, more still to come). Check it out to see if I will be near you, or read this blog post if you want to know why I won’t be.

I have tons of fun posts coming up for this blog through the next few months, and not about events! (I can see you all cheering right now!) Hopefully you will enjoy them and be prepared for some old friends dropping by. If I’m not as prevalent elsewhere online, it’s because I’m buckling under to write the final Finishing School book and I really need to concentrate on that for a while.

Gail, Melissa, and Clinton via @clinton_o

My next appearance will be at San Diego’s ConDor 21 ~ March 21 – 23, 2014. I hope to see you there. I adore San Diego and I know I have some faithful readers in the area. The up side of a smaller convention, as you can see in the images above, is I have more time to really get to know you and chat and hang out.


Your Moment of Parasol . . .

This amazing parasol holster from Melissa of Attic Raiders was a gift from Clinton (a devoted reader), with extra mods by the artist herself. Currently, it’s holding my vintage 1920’s parasol, the one with the silver tip, big ruffle, and handle that most looks like Alexia’s. It also holds my big white parasol and I think it may work for the octopus.

Your Infusion of Cute . . .

The Next Generation of Gails

Your Tisane of Smart . . .

Scratch Map

Your Writerly Tinctures . . . 
Convention Attention: Money Matters

Book News:
Brewing Tea & Books says of C&C,  “This series is all about female friendships which is wonderful. They are so sweet but also so mean to each other – like 14 year olds are.”

Quote of the Day:

“A good friend will help you up when you fall. A best friend will laugh and try to trip you again.”

~ Tamora Pierce, The Immortals

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