Recipes Based on the Food in the Parasol Protectorate! (Special Extras)


Ever wonder about all the food in my books, Gentle Reader? Ever want to try to cook any of those dishes? Well if wishes were blogs…

Tentacle & Treacle

Quietly, behind the scenes for the past year or more Sariann Lehrer and I have been working to create a blog based on cooking the dishes written into my books. (Sariann is the genius behind A Feast of Ice and Fire: The Official Game of Thrones Companion Cookbook, with George of course). Most of the food and meals I talk about in the Finishing School and the Parasol Protectorate actually existed, and I do a lot of research to make certain they are authentic. On Tentacle & Treacle Sariann will take it one step further and cook the dishes using modern ingredients.

Sariann is doing most (well, all) of the work and she has a busy life, so please don’t expect posts all the frequently, but we have launched with a tried and tested treacle tart! We will be moving on from there with many more of adapted recipes from my books, both the tasty and the weird. So follow the blog if you want to cook away. I’m interested in your thoughts on these recipes if you chose to replicate them yourselves.

Of course, I am providing tea pairings for every dish cooked. As the posts drop, I will try to link to them here, but to make sure you don’t miss them you are better off following yourself.

Hoping you all are having happy holidays full of friends and good cheer, but most importantly, good food!


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